Friday, November 20, 2009

Shuttles Waiting

Doesn't this make you want to go weave something? Me too!

I came home from our guild meeting on Wednesday with some dye left over from a workshop. (You know how "free" is my favorite price, right?)

My plan was to freeze the dye until spring, but when I saw how many colors I had, and how full the freezer is, I decided I should use the dye this weekend.

Tomorrow at the open studios I'll mostly wind skeins of cotton and linen to dye. (But maybe I'll get to knit a little as a reward for skeining.)

Then Sunday I'll dye lots and lots of yarn.

Progress on my scarf should pick up again on Monday. I've got all the parts to add two more shafts to the Toika ready to go. That will be top on my studio agenda next week. (Plus I have all kinds of different wefts picked out to try! Fingers crossed that some combination of the change in sett, picks per inch, warp tension, weave structure and weft will produce several beautiful and comfortable scarves.)

Some one at the guild did say "That fabric would make a beautiful bag. It's nice and sturdy." I guess that's my fallback plan! (I kid, I kid....I'm sure with all of your great advice I'll be able to turn this warp into a scarf or two or three!!)

Happy weekend!!


Sharon said...

I hope this means that we're going to be seeing some delicious color - soon.

charlotte said...

Beautiful pictures, I want to weave! I haven't removed the cut-down warp from my loom yet, and I have many orders on knitted garments, so I'm afraid the weaving has to wait. Good luck with dyeing!

Theresa said...

That's all exiting news! Lovely swedish type shuttles, are they Glimakra shuttles?
Oh, have fun with the dyes and a great time at the show today.

Leigh said...

Ooo, lovely photos. Have fun at open studios today!

Life Looms Large said...

Well, dyeing will happen....whether the color is delicious or not is a mystery to me. But a lot of my white yarns are going to turn color tomorrow.

Charlotte, your sweaters are so beautiful it's no wonder you have lots of orders!!

I'm not sure what kind of shuttles I have! Back when I started weaving (and remember I learned from a book and didn't know any other weavers), I needed to get shuttles. At the time, the exchange rate with Europe was favorable to US currency, so I found a website where I could buy a quill winder for about half the US price. The site was in another language, but had pictures. So I ordered the quill winder, and two shuttles that would fit whatever the quill winder could wind.

They do have a little logo on them. Maybe it's a Glimakra logo. But they're my only two shuttles. So far I haven't had both looms warped at the same time, so the shuttles can follow me around the studio. But I do need to get more shuttles!! Hmmmmm....maybe they should be on my Christmas list?


Delighted Hands said...

I love the look and feel of the wooden tools! Have fun and happy dyeing!

Jennifer said...

Wow - so much going on for you! I love it! You know you could make a bag that matches that wondeful scarf....

Life Looms Large said...

Good point about the bag, Jennifer! If my third scarf is way short, maybe it will become a bag!! Of course by then, I hope to be weaving a soft, sumptuous, drape-y scarf that would seem wrong, wrong, wrong as a bag!!

I am really pleased with how well my devoting 10 hours a week to my studio practice has been going. I'll probably blog about it soon - but it's been an interesting transition and it's starting to feel like it fits in better with my life.