Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Reeds from Gowdey Reed

What's that package Bailey's helping unwrap?

Two shiny new stainless steel reeds from Gowdey Reed in Central Falls, Rhode Island.

I don't know which I love more - that a New England business could make and ship me two reeds in just over a week, or that the frugal Yankee in me was quite happy with the price.

As an added plus, since the reeds were made specifically for my loom, they tweaked them just the slightest amount so that the reed will not interfere with the large shed on the Toika.

(If you're thinking about ordering from them, you can sort out the order with them on the phone. You don't need to fill out the giant form with many parameters that you might find on their website.)

Here's a 6 dent Gowdey reed (in red) and a 10 dent Toika reed (blue).

You can see that the Toika reed is wrapped with a blue cloth tape, while the Gowdey reed is enclosed in red plastic (or something like plastic - I didn't have it chemically analyzed!)

These red reeds might be familiar to you already. Rumor has it that Gowdey manufactures reeds for Kessenich, Harrisville and Macomber, among others.

The dents are held in place in slightly different ways, but they both fit my loom perfectly.

On a photographic note, I have no idea how I got that awesome bokeh in the last two photos, but I'll take it!!! There is indeed a mess in my studio that is best concealed!


Jennifer said...

Oh Yeah!!! I am actualyy looking into new reeds for the LeClerc and Gowdey was the one that was recommended! I'm glad to see your experience and tips! Look forward to seeing what you make with these!

Dave Daniels said...

Thank you for this post. I've been wanting to get a 16 dent for my Baby Wolf, but was overwhelmed with their online form.
Nice bokeh!

Life Looms Large said...

I wholeheartedly recommend Gowdey (otherwise I wouldn't be blogging about them!!)

I emailed to get pricing (it's a per inch price for normal dent spacing). Then I futzed around with my loom to figure out exact dimensions. Then I phoned and finalized the order. I'm such a creature of the internet, I sort of wanted to order by clicking - but it all worked out fine, and Jim at Gowdey Reeds definitely knows reeds!!

Thanks for any and all bokeh compliments!!!


Deanna said...

Good to know about Gowdey! I thought I had all the reeds I would ever need for both looms, but then.. sure enough, needed the one I didn't have on the last warp, so I borrowed a reed. I've been watching on ebay for the one I want, but nada, so I may end up just buying one.

Theresa said...

Ohh nice reeds, and what a nice helper getting it all unwrapped. I certainly will book mark Gowdey for any future reed needs! And congrats on the fine bokeh examples in the photos.


Oh how exciting new additions to the weaving toys. I'm glad they passed inspection, for a second there I thought Bailey would reject them and they'd have to go back LOL..

Dorothy said...

New reeds are beautiful, I've a growing collection, but they all get used. How lucky you are to have a reed maker in Canada, but then you have some of the very best loom makers too.

bspinner said...

Looks like Bailey like the reeds too. I don't think you can to many reeds and if I ever need another one I sure will check out Gowdey.

Sharon said...

I didn't realize that there was a place you could go for reeds - tells you just how very little I know. I think it might be cheaper that way for me~

Restless Knitter said...

I ordered a reed from Gowdey and was so pleased. I hate to say it but it's so much better than the ones that came with the loom I bought new. The duct tape (yes, duct tape) grabs fuzz and hangs on for dear life, and sometimes grabbed the yarn. Yet, it doesn't stick to the frame real well.

Loving all your pictures!

Life Looms Large said...

The folks at Gowdey couldn't have been nicer - and how cool is it to order reeds from the great grandson of the founder of this very old company?

The reeds came quickly and were exactly what we'd discussed over the phone, and I could not beat their prices anywhere.

I definitely recommend them!!


Anonymous said...

Gowdey has made all my reeds since I discovered them about 4 years ago. They really are a treasure and do wonderful work. Love your photos.

Life Looms Large said...

Thanks for stopping by, thanks for commenting & especially thanks for the photo compliments!!!

Good to hear from another satisfied Gowdey customer!


Kelley D said...

Hi everyone! I am the lucky woman who is married to Jim. Sue, thank you SO much for the kudos and best of all we are so happy that your reeds are to your liking~ that IS the point, right?? Your photos are amazing and really show how great his work is. Thanks for sharing the link to your blog.

He really is touched you took the time to put Gowdey Reed out here.

He always gets a lot out of talking with people like you and others in the weaving community. What a cool craft...

Thanks again, Kelley Wilson, (wife of the cutest reed man ever)

Life Looms Large said...

Kelley -

Thanks for making me laugh!!! Now my blog readers know what the reeds look like, and that you think your husband is cute as well. Important shopping considerations!!