Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Runners from Vavstuga

Here are the two warp-faced runners I wove at Vavstuga.

This fabric is densely sett. It used 4 shafts even though this is plain weave. Dividing the warp among shafts reduces abrasion and friction, making it easier to get a clean shed.

Woven in 16/2 linen (both warp and weft).

Close up of section at the start of the warp where a stick had been woven into the cloth

Rep folded in half

I wove this warp rep thinking it would make an excellent tote bag. (Can't you picture me taking that to the beach or around town?)

One of my weaving buddies saw it and thought that I was crazy for wanting to make it into a tote - even though she makes lots of rep bags.

Detail of the hem area and the string yarn used for the thick sections

It does look very pretty on my kitchen table.

Decisions, decisions....

Thanks so much for your comments and questions about Vavstuga!

I was concerned when I published that giant post that it might be too much for this week when so many people are so busy. However, I really wanted to share the details I would have liked to know before my visit. I'm going to research a couple of the questions and provide answers in a later post.

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Sara said...


I love the things you made at Vavstuga - and I would have read that post no matter what day you posted it on...

Between you and Dave - I am gaining a wealth of info and keeping my desire to learn more just as strong!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love the rep weave especially - the colors are awesome! Great job!

Lynnette said...

Oh how I envy your day at Vavstuga...It's in my bucket list to get there and just absorb all the weaverly information. Your weaving is lovely and truly showcases the simplicity of Swedish weaving styles.

Sharon said...

Shoot, I love the runner, but I think it depends on what you'd use the most. Runner? Tote?? Both are good answers.

Cindie Kitchin eweniquely ewe said...

I loved reading about your day at Vavstuga - sounded very fun. Your runners are wonderful. The rep weave one looks perfect on your table! I love rep weave but haven't done any in a few years.......will have to add it to the very long to-do list.

charlotte said...

I think making a tote is a great idea. The table runner is lovely! I wonder if it is the kind of rep weave called "epingle" here, with only one kind of weft, since the warp-effect is so strong?
I wish you a merry Christmas!

Theresa said...

Lovely runners. Myself, I couldn't use the one for a tote, but I bet one would look nice out in the sunroom on a table too.
I need to put rep weave on my list of weaving projects.
I've been thinking a set of place mats and maybe a bath mat using my favorite kiwi green.

Dave Daniels said...

Everything about the rep weave is beautiful. A tote would be great because it could be used all the time. (Plus, it's nice to take our designs out in public, too.)

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I can see using that for a tote. I would be scared to cut it though. Have a wonderful holiday.

Delighted Hands said...

Go with your first plan and use it as a tote and make another similar one for a tablerunner-more weaving is a great solution! Have a Merry Christmas!

Margreet said...

Thanks for sharing your vavstuga time with us. And the runners are lovely. Use the tote first as a runner and make it into a tote next.
Merry Christmas!