Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best of 2009

This week's assignment at Digital Photography School is to choose my best photo of 2009.

You may have noticed that I have trouble choosing the best of something. I often put many pictures in a single blog post because I can't decide which I like best.

When I went back through my photo albums for this year of blogging, these pictures were my favorites.

I was somewhat handicapped by not owning our good camera, so when we were in the Rockies surrounded by beauty, the camera was in Jim's hands. I'm not counting his pictures toward my best. (But next year, now that I'm the owner of that camera, I will have more outdoor photos to choose from!)

My favorite is the blue hydrangea photo. Something about the lighting, subject and color really hits the spot for me.

In addition to my weaving resolutions, I'm adding a couple of photography resolutions:
  • Learn to shoot photos at night
  • Use our tripod
  • Learn to use our remote control shutter trigger (or whatever it's called)
What was best for you in 2009??


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!! And so many nice reminders of warm, sunny weather :)

Delighted Hands said...

Learn how to shoot in the dark quickly and capture the blue moon NewYear'sEve! I am going to try and get a photo of it from here-we can compare (views not photo skills, I concede already! lol)

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Wonderful pictures and wonderful memories, I'm sure. I would love a nice kayak ride right about now! Have a wonderful new year. See you in 2010!

Theresa said...

Good gosh Sue, I don't know how you pick a favorite, they are all so different and so good.
I sure hope you attempt that blue moon tonight, assuming you can see it. We're getting our usual New Years snow, so I'm not sure it will be visible tonight or not.
Best of 2009, hmm, well the new Louet loom and Miss Bea's successful knee surgery. Gene not breaking his neck fully paragliding was also a highlight and of course, blogging and weaving and .......
I guess you could just say living another year to do things we love with people and pets we love makes even so-so years pretty good.
Have a wonderful New Years!

ladyoftheloom said...

Happy New Year Sue! Thanks for blogging about weaving and posting such beautiful photos!

Best of 1009? Weaving on my Harrisville Rescue loom with direct tie-up. I love it.

I have been meaning to ask, how do you store and archive your photos? On your PC?

Leigh said...

Gosh, that would be the hardest assignment of all. Good choices though.

Anonymous said...

such great photos - it would be difficult to choose! I think it will be cloudy here tonight so no full moon shots this part of the world! All the best for the New Year! Evelyn

LA said...

I love the colors in the Jack In The Pulpit photo. Great colors for a scarf, don't you think? As for 2009, loom time is good time!

bspinner said...

All the pictures are wonder and everyone has their favorite but I like the Jack In The Pulpit best. I like the color and its stately manner.
Happy New Year!!

Sara said...


I love the photo of the kayaks - it is so pretty!

Want to learn how to shoot photos at night - never had been good at it.

Life Looms Large said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who has trouble choosing a "best" out of these photos!! Editing isn't my forte!

We're super happy that our snowstorm today ended in time for us to go to our friend's New Year's Eve party tonight. (Yesterday it looked like the party might get snowed out.)

I do think it will be cloudy and stormy all weekend, so the blue moon might not shine on me (or my camera). Good idea about photographing it though. (I am not a particularly motivated night photographer anyway, and cold winter nights are even less motivating in that direction for me unfortunately.)

I wish I had a great photo backup answer for you LadyOfTheLoom. I'm not great about it myself. We do have our computers backed up automatically offsite (out of our house) using MozyHome from Jim set it up, but we've been really happy with it. You can try it for free.

Happy New Year one and all!!


Sharon said...

Hands down, my favorite is the kayaks. Great composition and color!