Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Decorations

Jennifer, of Finding the Real Me, posted a Christmas challenge.

Blog about Christmas decorations that are special to you.

I'm a Christmas minimalist. I do have boxes of family heirloom ornaments in the attic for the rare years when we get a Christmas tree.

Most years, I have a box on a high shelf that contains certain precious decorations. I grab the box and decorate.

Stained Glass Angel

I decorate the Norfolk pine in the living room with ornaments I bought at Tuttle's my first Christmas in NH. (I've had the pine since then too - I brought it with me from home to my very empty apartment!)

I found this wooden pine at the Collector's Eye in Stratham the first year we didn't decorate a big tree.

The wooden carved Santa was made by a carver and painter in Newfoundland. I brought it home, along with sock yarn, as a souvenir of our trip there in 2004.

German Christmas pyramid which I've had for many years

Isn't the tiny tree precious? It's about 1 inch tall.

Looking over the angel's shoulder, you can see she's singing Stille Nacht (Silent Night).

Matroyoshka from our visit to St. Petersburg, Russia in 1996

Christmas cactus putting on a show

Visit Jennifer's blog to see Christmas ornaments from around the world or to participate in the challenge yourself!!

Merry Christmas!!


Meg said...

LOVED the unstraight tree! It takes all kinds, that's for sure.

Have a lovely, lovely day, Sue.

Sharon said...

I used to have one of the candle powered whirly gigs when I was a girl. I had forgotten all about it. Ian is a nut for the tree so it goes up the day after he cuts it, and it's up for over a month! Wishing you the best this Christmas~

Theresa said...

Sue, tell me more about raising the pine inside?
The decorations are lovely, each and every one of them. This year I just grabbed a few myself and instead of doing a tree, we're going out for dinner.
I did put up lots of greenery and the packages look festive sitting on the bed in new back room.
Have a wonderful day tomorrow, full of good food, good fun and a few little surprises along the way.


Delighted Hands said...

Just lovely additions to your home!

Tuesday Weavers said...

Thank you for sharing your decorations with us! They are lovely! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful decorations!! I love the stained glass angel - so sweet! The tree and Santa are great too! Merry Christmas!!

Leigh said...

I love those special ornaments that have a special meaning. Thanks for sharing yours. Merry Christmas!

Chris Daly said...

Merry Christmas!

charlotte said...

Your decorations are lovely, merry Christmas!

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for sharing - I know it's all over now, but I loved seeing your decorations. Sometimes less is more and I think you've got it right on the minimalist note! Just Beautiful - and the photographs you took are quite good as well. I particularly love the sun onthe horizon with the angel stained glass!