Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chill Out

Now that I'm blogging, I'd like to get better at photography. The Google Reader suggested Digital Photography School, so I thought I'd give this week's assignment a shot.

They want pictures of cold? Well, we've got cold here in New Hampshire! (Actually, this week it's not quite as cold as it has been.....We're enjoying our January thaw a little later than normal.)

I took all of these pictures yesterday.

One thing I've already learned from this assignment is that you should take the pictures you want as soon as you think of them. I love icicles, and we've had some great ones this year. But the rules of the assignment are that the photo must be taken from January 28 - February 11.

My icicle pictures from earlier in January can't be included. By now, the most spectacular icicles have fallen off the roof. We still have a few good ones left.

I think the last icicles are my favorites!

I left this assignment until my last available moments of daylight, and made the rule that I would not walk on snow or ice to get my pictures. I want Jim to continue loaning me his camera. Falling outside with it wouldn't further that goal!

Procrastination til the last minute isn't conducive to great photos.

Is it spring yet?


sheilabythebeach said...

I-yi-yi, that looks cold! The icicles are fantastic though.
I threw away my snow shovel in 1991 and I don't miss the cold a bit but I do miss the beauty of the winter weather.

Life Looms Large said...

Throwing away your snow shovel! Now there's an idea!!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the info on the school. I've been wanting to improve my photogrpahy skills also.

Theresa said...

Great pictures! Sounds like a nice course too.
And wait, a beautiful bootless Brittany. Handsome
dog. Such a nice breed.

Janet said...

Oh, cool! You found DPS, too, huh? I spent a long time on their site a few days ago. Didn't see a lesson plan, just wandered around from one tutorial to another. Will have to go back and look again!

I particularly like the angled perspective in your tall trees shot and the composition of roof line angles in that first picture of your favourite icicle. :)

Life Looms Large said...

Good to see you all here!!

Bailey accepts all compliments about his breeding and good looks (son of champions that he is!), and is thankful that it's warm out now so he's not being subjected to boots!

About weekly assignments at DPS:
I subscribed to the DPS website in my Google Reader, and that's how I heard about assignment "Cold". I haven't received info on the current assignment though - but in the middle of their main page, there's a section about Forums - and a Weekly Assignments line you can click.

Janet: Thanks for getting what I was trying to show in the trees photo! I was downhill from them trying to show height and deep snow!

Now, we should all get back to our looms!!!!