Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Too Much Sun

A plea for curtain ideas!

After 10 years without window treatments, this room needs some. We want working window treatments of some sort to keep the sun out of our eyes - but we will frequently want most of the curtains open to maximize our solar exposure. (Hey - it's dark here in New Hampshire.....we need sun!!) Plus, we just put all this fancy woodwork around the windows, and we don't really want to cover it up.

I'd love to hear ideas for what you think we should do with window treatments for this room!!

The Room

Sorry these photos are a little dark. This room has a ton of natural light, but I took these on a gray, snowy day, thinking you'd be able to see the room better. Not sure that was a good strategy!

View from the kitchen

My blogging corner & the giant cactus

Jim's computer zone with Bailey watching squirrels

Ceiling fan, skylights, and all 6 windows

Truer colors
The Textiles


Chair close-up



Fabric Swatch of coordinating fabric

Other Plans
  • The giant cactus is getting moved to the living soon as I find the right pot for it. (That's my 4th New Year's Resolution!)
  • The trim was installed last summer and we plan to paint it by spring.
  • We will paint the walls once we've got the window treatments figured out.
Some Background

We live in New Hampshire, so we have long, dark winters - at least compared to people south of here. Having Canadian, English and Scandanavian blog readers, makes me hesitant to complain about our winters!!

Our house, from a planbook we found at the library, was designed by an architect from Texas. There was a screenporch off the kitchen in the original design. Jim enlarged it slightly and turned it into a sunroom, with lots of windows, and two skylights.

For our first ten years living in this house, this room was full of plants. We had white wicker furniture from Pier 1 in here, but it was very uncomfortable. The room was pretty to look at, but we never sat in here.

For the past few years, we've searched off and on for comfortable wicker furniture. We finally found furniture we loved last spring at Fran's Wicker (in New Jersey, but they ship nationwide!)

Our furniture arrived last year, and we've been sitting pretty. Computer junkies that we are, we use this room a lot.

Everything is great with this room, except that sometimes we have too much sun. At certain times of year, the sun gets in Jim's eyes.

We need some kind of curtains or blinds or shades or something, so that Jim can adjust them so he doesn't get sun in his eyes. But most of the time we want the room to be as open and light and airy as possible.

Please, please, please tell me your ideas!

We need something that can keep the sun out of our eyes when we need it to, but that will mostly be out of the way not covering up our view of trees!! I can sew (or shop!) I would love to get some different ideas about what to do for these windows!!

Thank you!!!!


Denise Williams said...

I would go with some nice Roman Shades. Pull them up to bring in the light. They won't cover your beautiful wood.

Hilary said...

I don't like covering up windows, and especially windows as beautiful as yours.
I bought the honeycomb shades, they are expensive, but so worth it. they tuck right up in the window, and only hang down about 3" when not in use....they come in tons of colors, and they even help insulate. I bought them for my downstairs four years ago, and I am not sorry.

Theresa said...

I would look for wood or matchstick type blind.
Either one that rolls up or one that pulls up and lies flat against the upper casing. I think matching your beautiful trim with some beautiful warm woods would
compliment both the fabrics and the windows.

sheilabythebeach said...

You mean you aren't weaving curtains, LOL!
Beautiful view, room and windows! If I knew what to do with your windows then I should know what to do to my own windows!!!
I look forward to seeing your decision.

Sharon said...

We are in the same boat and after seven years, still battle the late afternoon sun. We haven't been able to watch daytime TV because of it. Our solution was to buy a new digital TV, which we just did, and so the sun still streams. I don't what the solution is.

Life Looms Large said...

Great ideas!!! Thanks so much!!! (And keep them coming!!)


Meg in Nelson said...

A darned boring idea, but Venetican blinds? But the windows look lovely-delicate so I might consider lacy Roman shades. Honeycombs are nice - we have them all over - but eventually you do accumulate bugs in the honeycombs, believe it or not! There are kinds that not only open up, but down, so the "closed" part is suspended from the top if that helps.

Sue said...

I vote with those who suggest Roman Shades. I have a real affinity for them and have them in several rooms and love them. They are easy to make and they can be set inside the window frame so as not to cover up that love wood, or the beautiful view if you don't need to. I have made numerous shades and love them and am now thinking of them for my bedroom. We live in a wooded area on a lake and I hate to close off the outside.


Jennifer said...

I struggle with light on a back porch also, but hate to block out the view. For a different idea, I have looked at the following that diffuses the light, but still allows for the view. The last is a roman shade....

Tim said...

I would examine weaving something in Atwater-Bronson lace. I made a simple but satisfying pair of curtains recently out of a fairly thick, (4.5/3)natural cotton that sleyed at 10 epi. As you can imagine, the work proceeds rapidly at only 10ppi, particularly with a fly-shuttle.

The curtains are thick enough to insulate, but the openings in the weave structure allow a lovely, dappled light through even when closed. Obviously, when they are open, the sun can shine in.

Magnificent home. You are fortunate.


Life Looms Large said...

Wow - you guys have had a lot of great ideas!!

I definitely need time to process them then consult with Jim....and see how much all these dreams cost!

But, you can be sure, that sooner or later, I'll let you know what we decide!!

And, I'm still listening to anyone who continues to chime in on this topic!!

Thanks again for your ideas!