Monday, February 9, 2009

Don't Tell Bailey!

I wouldn't want the pup to think I'm dissing him, but he really doesn't like walking on snow barefoot.

I don't either!

He has this pair of dog booties that he sometimes wears. Unlike most dogs, he took to them right away.

We purchased these booties several dogs ago, for a dog with bigger feet. They're a little too big for Bailey.

I'm saving these fleece scraps for when he loses the current booties. I can make more!

I will try not to cringe at the fact that I could wear a matching fleece sweatshirt and headband and dress my dog in matching dog boots!!

Perhaps I experienced Bailey's revenge today when I went running. It's a gorgeous day here - sunny, bright blue sky, snow on the ground - and I was running along and noticed myself singing that song B-I-N-G-O. (YouTube will start playing the song if you click that link - be careful!) Somehow I kept repeating that line over and over.....Glad I wasn't running a super long run!!

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Theresa said...

What no pictures of Bailey in his boots????