Sunday, February 22, 2009

Woven Prayer Flags

Participate in this community art project!!

Send in a message or come to Maine and weave a few prayer flags!!

Either way you'll receive a prayer flag in return, and will help spread messages of peace and hope throughout the world.

Sarah Haskell, a talented weaver in York, Maine, started this project at the beginning of 2008.

She is collecting positive messages from around the world, and with the help of volunteer weavers, weaving them into prayer flags to send back out into the world.

There's more information about the project on Sarah's blog, including where to send messages and how to sign up to help weave flags.

Recently, I was able to spend an afternoon in Sarah's studio with a friend weaving a few prayer flags. Weavers and non-weavers alike are needed to volunteer to weave for just a few hours.

If you can come to Maine, contact Sarah by signing her guestbook to coordinate a time to go to her studio and weave prayer flags.

She has three looms all set up, and this activity has been enjoyed by young and old alike! This project is a great way to give weaving a try, and to spend time with your friends.

I wove three flags: one pink, one blue, and one in autumnal colors.

Here's the flag, woven by another volunteer earlier in February, that I brought home.

The flag is outside, releasing its prayers into the world.

Please join Sarah in this project to spread messages of peace, goodwill and hope throughout the world!


Jane said...

What a lovely and love inspiring project.

My personal weaving mantra for this year is serenity at my loom. Too often, it can be tempting to fall into becoming frustrated with many steps in the weaving process, and to forget how joyfilled weaving can be and is.

To take something that gives us joy, and to add to that a mindfulness and prayerfullness, and shared intentions, is just wonderful.

Thanks so much for sharing this project.

Weave like an Egyptian,

sheilabythebeach said...

How wonderful, I love this idea!
I have a friend that makes prayer shawls with a group once a month...I wished for a similar opportunity; maybe this is it!

Leigh said...

What a wonderful idea. They are very attractive too.

Life Looms Large said...

I'm glad you all liked Sarah's project and I definitely encourage you to send her a message if you'd like!!!


Meg in Nelson said...

What a lovely project! This is giving me ideas!

sarah haskell said...

Thanks Sue for giving visibility to this project. Many flags still to be woven, many messages of peace and hope still to be released. Here's an open invitation to all to join this effort. Namaste, Sarah