Sunday, February 8, 2009

Two Highlights of My Saturday

A cool woodpecker at our suet feeder.... I think it's a female red-bellied woodpecker.

Lanterns lighting the way for a full-moon snowshoe with friends.

Fun stuff!


Theresa said...

Sounds like a wonderful Saturday! Beautiful bird
BTW, but you might want to check in the Flicker family which are also woodpeckers/tree clingers.

Sue said...


I dug out my bird book, because this morning I heard a bird call in my yard that sounded like a flicker or pileated woodpecker. So I thought maybe that was a flicker yesterday...

But it looks like flickers have a black bib, and black bars on their breast, while this bird was plain underneath - so I'm still thinking it's a red-bellied. Plus, we've seen the male red-bellied around a few times...while we haven't seen any flickers since fall.

But I could be totally wrong!

It's super warm here today - the icicles all fell off the roof already and hopefully the ice on our steps will melt. Fingers crossed!


buyathread said...

Sue, Thanks very much for commenting on my new post. I love your latest photos, especially the lovely bird. Our weaving environments are very different but our interests aren't.

Theresa said...

oWell Dang! The Audubon Field Guide I have here doesn't even include your handsome woodpecker.
That's what I get for using the Western Edition to identify an eastern bird. The Eastern edition fell prey
to one of the horde a number of years ago.
I heard from my folks ( who live pretty near you on
the MA north shore) that its in the 50's there today.
Enjoy, we're expecting snow all week.

Life Looms Large said...

Well, we didn't quite hit 50 here - high 40's. But a whole lot of melting happened today....all the icicles fell off the roof (there were some that were 3 feet long!

Plus we were able to chip and remove a huge section of ice at the top of our driveway - so it's safe to go get the mail!

We do still have at least a foot of snow on the we need a few more days of thaw!! (Which apparently won't happen til later this week)

It felt really good to walk outside today, and to know that the snow was melting!! Spring fever much??


Lynnette said...

I've got a store bought wire suet feeder hanging in my tree that isn't getting any action. Seems that your style suits the birds better, I'm gonna have to copy it....we are inundated with Flickers and Steller's Jays around here in sunny BC