Monday, February 16, 2009

Peaceful Woodland Walk - NOT!

We're so lucky that our house is near miles and miles of trails through the forest. We love to walk our dog out there.

We often see other walkers, and in winter, cross-country skis, snowshoes and snowmobiles are popular too.

Sometimes we see deer, foxes, fishers, and even coyotes.

Today was anything but quiet and peaceful. We didn't see anyone on foot, or any wildlife.

Instead we saw mountain bikers - riding on snow - and a snowmobile pulling the trail-grooming sled.

Plus, we could hear helicopters the whole time, and saw this glimpse into the workday of a power-line repair crew.

Three people working on top of power lines.

A helicopter coming in to pick one worker up.

Dropping that worker off at the next pole.

Coming in to pick up the next person.

After the ice storms earlier this winter, we definitely don't take power for granted and we really appreciate that there are people doing this job!!


Sandra Rude said...

Hi, Sue, Thanks for your comment on my blog, asking about warp tension. On the AVL, the friction brake on the warp beam is adjustable, so to increase tension on the entire warp, I adjust the friction brake. If there are still errant threads that are loose, I weight them individually. HTH, Sandra

bspinner said...

Sue: Thanks for your comments. I gave you all the answers on my comment section.
I can't imagine working at these heights. What great pictures!

Jennifer said...

Whoa - that definitely gives a new definition for "lineman". Thanks for capturing it!

Meg in Nelson said...

Good god, Sue!!!

Life Looms Large said...

I scary! I can't imagine having to do that job! Yipes!!