Friday, February 13, 2009

Wish Me Luck with Huck!

I need to get something on my naked loom!

While my studio was dismantled and covered in Toika pieces, I wound this warp for the last towels in my series of dishtowels.

It's a set of huck dishtowels from Handwoven, J/F 2001, "Tales & Towels of Huck" pp. 34-37 by Rosalie Neilson. (And do not despair if you love this project, because the same weaver has a similar project in the M/J 2008 issue of Handwoven, plus she has a book in progress about huck!)

When I placed this yarn order years ago, I definitely struggled with each warp, so I wanted to struggle with colors I love!!

The original color choice, shown here in Handwoven, is great....but I love blue so I wanted to change it.

With help from my color wheel, I realized that Rosalie Neilson, the designer of these towels, had selected 3 colors next to each other on the color wheel, and one color directly across it. (There's probably a technical name for that color combination....but I don't know it.)

I used Halcyon Yarn's Yarn Store in a Box to choose my colors.

When the colors arrived, the pale blue I had chosen seemed like it wouldn't stand up to the strength of the turquoise, green and pink.

My weaving buddies said they use a wrap, or software to try to figure out how the colors will look together. I tried both.

In the wrap, I decided that the paler blue I had originally selected wasn't strong enough with the other two colors.

Luckily, by some giant miscalculation on my blue crepe towels, I have enough yarn left over to use the royal blue for this project too.

That's one of those happy creative accidents - which I have to enjoy and remember because I am often stymied by unhappy creative accidents!!

I want to take care with this warp, because it is enough for 5 or 6 towels....I'll have to live with any problems I create for some time!!


Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

I can't wait to see! I got a chuckle out of 'happy creative accidents' ;) I've had a few of the other kind and can appreciate the happy ones;)

Lynnette said...

I love the colours...they will be very happy towels and make using them a real joy! I can't wait to see the finished project.

Jennifer said...

I love that you are using what you see in the instructions but still adding your own flavor to it. I've always thought that kind of rebellion is needed to be creative!
Looking forward to seeing the towels!

Anonymous said...

Feburary must be dishtowel month! Since my latest "weave of the week" post is all about dishtowels, I went back to look at your cottolin group and they are beautiful! Have fun with the new project. I'm looking forward to seeing them.

Life Looms Large said...

Thanks for visiting and for leaving happy comments!!

I also can't wait to see the finished product...but I'm hung up a little on draw-in. Luckily, I meet with my local weaving group later this week, so hopefully they'll set me straight!

Weave on!

Meg in Nelson said...

Ohhh, nude loom! Look forward to what comes off of it!