Thursday, March 5, 2009

Now on the Needles

After trials and tribulations with my Newfoundland socks, I still have about 1 ball of Regia sock yarn left.

Yes, I know. I probably knit those socks 5 different times....yielding 2 socks that finally fit.

How much fun can a girl expect from an ancient yarn purchase??

Being a frugal Yankee - at least when it comes to yarn - I want to make this yarn into something I like.

Ravelry helped me find a scarf pattern for a Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf. Sounds complicated. Looks cool.

I started it up, and by nightfall had the beginning of the first triangle of the scarf on size 4 needles. So far, so good!!


bspinner said...

I love this pattern!! Do you mind telling me what size knitting needles you're using? I have a couple of balls of self striping sock yarn but don't feel like knitting any socks. This would be a perfect knitting project for the yarn.

Life Looms Large said...

Good question about the needles....I went back and edited the post to say they're size 4!

It is a fun pattern. I've got lots of the second triangle done now too. So far I really like it, and it's fun to see what the sock yarn does!

Have fun if you decide to make one of your own!!


Deanna said...

I love that pattern, Sue! I first found it on Sara's Woven Thoughts blog - it was a life saver on a plane trip that got diverted - we ended up sitting on a tarmac for 4 hours, and that multidirectional scarf pattern was a great diversion.

bspinner said...


Thanks for the information on the needle size.