Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nice day for soup

We had a cool, rainy day today. Definitely a good day to be occupied with indoor pursuits.

We eat a lot of soup during the winter. I jumped the gun a little and made soup today.

What's a girl to do when she has farm fresh leeks in the fridge?

I followed Jane Brody's recipe for Potato Leek Soup

She includes parsley and cheddar cheese. I don't.



charlotte said...

This looks really yumy! Have you woven the beautiful table napkins lying beside the soup bowls?

Rita said...

That looks so good, and your presentation is so appetizing...good job!!
I wrote down the recipe. We love soups all year round, even in summer there are some rainy days and we sometimes get an East wind off the ocean so there is often an excuse for a pot of soup.
Thanks, I'm going to give it a try.

Delighted Hands said...

I can almost smell it.........

Glad it was only rainy and not a worse storm.

Life Looms Large said...

Good catch Charlotte! Those are my first set of woven napkins - made with the leftover warp from the color workshop I took in the spring. I love using them (yesterday was the first day). For some reason, I like weaving for my house the very I'll have to do another napkin project soon!

Rita, good to meet you! Thanks for stopping by!!! Hope you enjoy the soup recipe when you get a chance to try it!

Thanks for the storm good tidings De!! We were glad that it didn't amount to much either!

Now, if only I can figure out how to photograph rain! (Well, that's a rhetorical wish since now we're forecast to have no rain until at least the end of the week!)


Theresa said...

Looks great. It's one of Gene's favorite soups!
He makes it himself so that makes it one of mine too. ;-)
Lovely napkins and it is so nice to use something you've woven isn't it?
What almost a week with no rain now! Good news.
Were are we all going next week with you? You've been fortified with great soup and I know I'm looking forward to the last summer installment of New England travels, even if it's just out the back door to look at orange fungus or at fall arriving in your back yard.

synne said...

Hi Sue.
The subject in my blogg that day was about a 2 homosexual menn who was walking in a part of Oslo where there lives a lot of people who are muslims. (hope that was right speld).
Those 2 norwegian homosexual menns was holding hands. A muslim man walked up to them and told them that he dint like that. And that they where walking in a muslim part of the town. And then i sneked up from behind and attacked them very hard.
I got so angry when I read this. I thougt we lived in Norway. But it seems like Im wrong. I mean people must try to accept each other. I got friends who are muslims, and other friends who are homosexual. And we just accept each other as human beings. And we get along just fine.
But that did something to mee.
I am braught up to accept people for who they are, not what they are. And that attack made me so angry. If they dont cant accept our way of living Il just think they have to go home to there countries agan, and live like they want.
Hope you understod my bad english today.
Im not i a verry god shape at the moment. In 2005, I was in a car accident and got whiplash. And now my neck hurts, I have a bad headache, and feel nauseous.
That makes me verry tired. But life gose on...

Il realy hope al is fine with you.
The autum is here know. The wind is strong, its raining and today when I got out of bed it was only 7degree celsius outside.
But soon the flight to Madeira goes...

Know its dinnertime. And then its time for Midsumer murder on DVD...
My favorit tv show, now that Gilmore girls isnt running on tv...

I apologise for my bad english today.
Il have to read a lot in english I think...
Hope you understand me better than google hihi...

Have a nice sunday evening. Dont no the time where you are. But here its ten past 4 in the afternoon.

Hugs from me in Norway.

Deanna said...

I envy your cool rainy day, and your soup! It's been so long since we have seen any rain, and we're having a heat wave right now. I do not enjoy heat, so I will be very thankful when this passes! Maybe when it cools down, I will feel like weaving, and blogging, again. :-)

Susan H said...

I love Jane Brody! Alas, there was a while when we weren't using her and the cookbook was a victim of Clearout. (I also wish I had back my mom's Julia Childs!) Anyhow, I have parsely in the garden and love cheddar cheese so may try it with those additions...

Our forecast is for 9 DAYS OF SUN!!!!!!! Perhaps there's hope yet for the tomatoes and peppers, though I've about given up on the melons.

Sue, thanks for asking your knitting group about my sweater dilemna! When you see it, you'll probably see why I can't bring myself to undo it, but I like the idea of giving it to someone else, and I think I already mentioned to C that if BIL doesn't really want it, it may go to F! They're similar in size. I think I told you I got more yarn and I'm now almost to the point where the sleeves go way down to just a few rows for the shoulders.

Life Looms Large said...


It IS really nice to use something you've woven. I'm used to it now with dishtowels, but my kitchen table could definitely use more handwovens!!

I actually went out to check on the orange fungus in the woods on our walk today. Unfortunately, the large one - bigger than a large cabbage - has now turned a pale brown - similar to the one that was in my side yard. (I assure you that if the side yard one was ever orange, I would have blogged about it at that point!!) So no orange fungus posts from me this week I don't think!

On the New England activity agenda this week, I've got a trip to the mountains while Jim attends to some business. Plus we should have time to do a small hike or something together. Also a beach trip with my weaving group - this is our late summer tradition.

And if the rain holds off on Saturday, I have 2 different historical New England talks I'd like to attend. They're at the same time in wildly different places, so we'll see where I get.

So should be plenty to blog if having nothing to say ever stops me!!

This is the time of year that New England is at its most gorgeous. Sunny and in the 70's. Perfection!! (Well, except for these Saturday rain storms!)


Life Looms Large said...


Thanks for stopping by to explain your blog post to me!! Google translate has trouble with anything really complicated....accidents, crimes, weaving are all hard for it to understand I think.

I applaud you for being so tolerant and concerned about people's safety and welfare. I also live in an area with little crime - so any violence against strangers is very shocking in our area. People should be able to walk down the street without being assaulted.

And I'm sorry about your accident and resulting neck and back pain. I hope you continue to heal and enjoy many pain-free days.

I'm in the northeastern US, so Eastern Standard Time - about 6 hours behind you I think.

Take care!!


Life Looms Large said...


I'm with you on the heat aversion. This summer I didn't have my usual heat tolerance. We're into a cool fall pattern studio is no longer an oven. Even though I know that down this path lies winter, it's still a relief!

Hope your heat wave breaks soon! (And that you get back to weaving & blogging!!)


Life Looms Large said...


I totally understand not wanting to frog a sweater! Totally! Sounds like you're making good progress on it. Yay!

Last winter I told my knitting group on numerous occasions that if the sweater I was knitting for Jim didn't fit, I'd have to find a new husband who would fit into the sweater. I was joking....most days! A sweater is such a labor of love. The one you're knitting sounds spectacular. I definitely want to see it!! And you of course!

That's awesome about a sunny forecast. The one I look at only goes out for 5 days....but it's all sun! I hope it does ripen things in your garden!! And that the tomato blight stays away. I know it's hit this area pretty hard, earlier than usual in the season.

Poor Jane Brody! Hopefully some one else is enjoying that book and you can google your favorite recipes....or even find new ones!

Thanks for stopping by!!


bspinner said...

You're making me hungry. I love potato and leek soup. Might be on the menue for supper this week. Table setting sure is nice!!!

bspinner said...

Does take me awhile to notice things. Love your new blog heading!!!!

Life Looms Large said...

Thank you for the blog heading compliment!! Even though I shot all those pictures, I gave them to Jim since he's a wiz with photoshop. He keeps asking "Has anyone noticed."

So now I can tell him you have!!



Holly said...

That soups looks yummy! I have never made anything with leeks before.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the soup recipe - I'm definitely going to add it to the "must try" list! Last year when we had fresh leeks, we made a potato and leek casserole - but didn't try potato leek soup. This year we will!