Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ingredients for a Spooky Halloween

Full Moon

60 Zombies preparing to dance to Thriller
as a tribute to Michael Jackson
in the Portsmouth Halloween Parade

Walking Past North Cemetary


Theresa said...

Now those truly are the correct ingredients! Hope your evening was spooktacular. The pictures sure are.

Life Looms Large said...

It was a fun Halloween! I can't believe I've lived here so long and never gone to that parade. Next year I might need to be in the parade!

I totally admire and appreciate people who can take good nighttime photos. I came home with a lot of blurry pictures (taken with my pocket-sized camera). I'm glad some were sufficiently spooky to show the mood of the night!


synne said...

Hello Sue.
Thanks for your comment whit me.
We arrived home safe and sound. But I would like to go back to Madeira.
If you get a chanse so try to visit the small island in the Atlantic ocean.

Halloween has left the building. But we dont celebraite it as you do in America. We go to the cemetary with flowers and candle. Then we walk around the cemetery and look at all the other graves.
Its a quiet and peaceful evening.

This year however I bougth a pumpkin and cared it out.
Put a candle inside in the dark evening. The children i the naighbourhouse had told me that they should come visiting us.
The doorbell rang and we opened the door. Outside there was 4 wicthes and Captain Sabeltann...
I was verry spooked hihi...

Il hade also lightend up 4 candles outside. They were for my sister and all my grandparents...
So it was a nice evening thou.

Your pictures showe me your way to celebraigt halloween. Its nice we have different kind of traditions around the world.

Hugs from Norway.

Jennifer said...

Ooooo - working on extra credit for your spooky entry with digital photography school! the yellow glare in the cemetary is spooky!

Colleen said...

I agree that the moon last night was definitely a nice, spooky touch. The clouds kept hiding it and then it would be back again - we stayed outside for quite a while last night, handing out candy to trick or treaters, and watching the sky!!

evelynoldroyd said...

nice moon shot! it is hard to get good low light shots with the little cameras. Evelyn

Susan H said...

Great Halloween shots! Dance place our kids are at always has Thriller in their Halloween show. Last year Lucy was in it, this year Martin was!

Life Looms Large said...

Our Halloween celebration was in 3 parts. On Friday night, kids trick or treat in our neighborhood (and town). So we were home giving out candy.

Saturday night we went to this parade in Portsmouth, and then to a friend's house within walking distance from the parade.

Next year, I hope to be in the parade - especially if they do another dance number. I would love to do that!! (Even though I don't really dance....)

Now, in just a few days, it really has turned into gets dark early, most leaves are off the trees, and the color palette outside has already changed.