Saturday, March 21, 2009

2 Good Not 2 Share

2 orange things that brightened up my Saturday....One involves yarn, the other food!

First, the yarn. Look at the size of this kit I ordered from!! I pictured teeny tiny balls of yarn, but this is substantial! Bailey is having fun in his job as model! Too much fun!

What is all this yarn for? These cool knitted tote bags. Each kit makes 2 bags....and there are 3 colorways. The kits weren't available for the last month, but they're available now. Knitpicks says this is our last chance! So I wanted to let you know because I think these bags are so cool. (And no, I have no relationship with them except as a satisfied customer!)

As if that weren't enough orange-y goodness for one day, I also tried a new recipe in my bread machine for tomato olive bread from King Arthur Flour. Smells good and tastes great!!

Orange yarn, orange food - quite a nice Saturday!! Hope your world is bright today too!


Theresa said...

Oh man what a nice bundle of yarn that is! Both you and Bailey have good taste! And speaking of taste, wish you could send some of that bread here. Looks yummy.

KDes said...

Mmm, olive and tomato bread! And that model of yours, I could give him a hug.

KnitPicks seems to have many lovely, and affordable, cotton blend yarns. If I had lived in US, I would have tested that CotLin yarn.

bspinner said...

I love the colors you've chosen for your bags!!! Yellow to red on the color wheel are my favorites.

I just managed a couple loaves of white the othere day (to serve with my Boston Baked Beans). Your olive and tomato puts my shame.

Life Looms Large said...

I wish I had included a ball of that CotLin yarn in my order! (I added a couple of things to my tote bag kit to get free shipping - and that would have been a great thing to add!) Maybe next time!

I usually wear blue, and purple often also - so I was a little surprised that I preferred the bag I chose - but something about those colors and the way they combine in the bag looks great to me.

If you can make white bread, you can make tomato bread!! (Well, I just use a bread machine when I make bread - so I don't know if the loaf would be hard to make by hand. It has sour cream and tomato paste instead of other liquids.)

We had more of that bread today...and really, if I was served that bread in a fine restaurant, I'd still be impressed by it. Try the recipe - it's great!

Must clean the house now to distract myself from the snow falling outside!!


Leigh said...

Tomato Olive Bread??!??!??! Yum, that sounds good.

And your kit from KnitPicks looks good! (I love KnitPicks)