Monday, March 16, 2009

Blog Love

Thanks to Fun with Fiber for the Fabulous Blog award!

Two rules:
  • List my top 5 addictions
  • Pass this award on to 5 fabulous blogs

Top Five Addictions:
  1. Running
  2. Yarn
  3. My Computer
  4. Chocolate
  5. Books
There are fabulous things about all of the blogs I read. And every blog in my blogroll is fabulous. Here are five more, that I always read, but that I haven't blogrolled yet.....

Five Fabulous Blogs:
  1. Alette Siri Ane (in Norwegian and English)
  2. KDes inspirationsblogg (in Swedish, but with great pictures)
  3. Scarf a Day
  4. Doni's Delis
  5. Tales of a Junkaholic
I love weaving blogs and I can't wait to see what new blogs I learn about from everyone's links!! Blog on!!


Jennifer said...

You can have Google translate that page for you....

for others look to:

Jennifer said...

For that matter you could use the same tool to write her...

Janet said...

Hey, thanks for the blog love! Guess I'd better put my thinking cap on and work on my top fives. :)

KDes said...

Thanks! I'll join Janet under the thinking cap :-)

Life Looms Large said...

I need to figure out how to put a google translate box on my website. I tried playing around with it the other day and couldn't get it to work.

I know, rule #1 of blogging....only read blogs in languages that you actually speak! (But I just can't help myself!!)

Top 5's are hard....either you can come up with tons of answers, or not quite 5.