Saturday, March 7, 2009

Birthday Trip to Dartmouth

Jim and I celebrated my birthday this week with a trip across the state to Hanover, NH, home of Dartmouth College.

The main goal of the trip was a photography exhibit at the Hood Museum. There was also a small exhibit of Wabanaki basketry.

We thoroughly enjoyed the exhibits, although my interpretation of the photo guidelines for the museum means I can't post any pictures from the museum. Sorry!!

The photography exhibit closes on Sunday, March 8. The baskets continue until June 28.

We visited the murals at the Baker Library.

Bailey got to go for a walk around the quad - where he was chased by some fraternity dogs - who then went back to loll on the frat house doorstep.

We visited Dan and Whit's General Store, where their motto is "If we don't have it, you don't need it." They didn't have any yarn. (But they did have a large selection in a small space.)

Our last stop was King Arthur Flour. The store carries everything in the Baker's Catalogue and more.

We ate these great birthday desserts - a raspberry square and chocolate indulgence. I'm still enjoying the chocolate indulgence days later - it's very rich so I brought most of it home.

The Baking Education Center is here too. I think this is a wood-fired hearth used for classes.

I was treated royally all day. Wait, where's my crown and scepter?

We returned home with some birthday loot.....including our favorite Girl Scout cookies from our California nieces!!

It was a good start to what I hope will be a very good year!


Theresa said...

Well Happy Birthday to another Piscean! Beautiful pictures Sue, loved seeing Dartmouth College all wrapped in snow. Such a nice campus. You'll love the little folding scissors in your loot. I keep a pair on each of the looms and by the winding equipment.

Deanna said...

Happy Birthday! What day? My oldest son's birthday was yesterday, March 6th. My sister's is March 1st, other son March 27th, sister-in-law March 19th. It's a busy month here. :-)

Life Looms Large said...

Good eye on recognizing those folding scissors in my birthday goodies!! I am the queen of scissors....I have pairs everywhere. This one is in my knitting bag with my newly started scarf.

Deanna - you do have a busy month of birthday celebrations, don't you!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!