Monday, March 9, 2009

Keeping Warm

Libraries are some of my favorite places!

Our local library has a copy of Keep Me Warm One Night by Burnham and Burnham. 378 pages of early handweaving in Eastern Canada....including many black and white photos of woven coverlets.

I'm glad I got a chance to spend time with this book, even though I don't foresee weaving coverlets! (I definitely understand needing to stay warm!!)

This beautiful snow scene that we woke up to this morning makes me appreciate the spring-like weather over the weekend even more!


KDes said...

Oh, sorry you lost the warm weather. It's not here. We have just wet snow all over.

Life Looms Large said...

Maybe it's somewhere over the Atlantic??

Spring will be here again....later.....


Donatella said...

That book sounds like a very nice reading...snug under a coverlet!

Sharon said...

Your snow looks lovely. I thought we were done with it, then woke up to a new blanket of snow this morning. I love libraries too and I think I'll love them even more when I don't have to work in them!

Theresa said...

Well, if you are waiting for us to send some spring weather west to east, you'll be waiting a while yet.
We had a scene yesterday morning ( and today) that
looks just like yours!
I have wanted for ages to get a peek inside that book BTW. I love coverlets and making at least one is on my weaving list. Stay warm!

bspinner said...

I love this book! I finally found a copy I could afford last summer. One of those books I keep handy to pick up and read. The history and information is amazing. I have a friend who lives in Canada and wove on the loom featured in the book.

Hang in there. Spring is only 11 days away.

Robin said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! Enjoyed visiting your! I see you have a March birthday like my Mom and a Bailey dog like my son. Love the snow picture.

Janice Zindel said...

D.K. Burnham's "The Comfortable Arts, Traditional Spinning and Weaving in Canada" is another nice book covering a range of weaving.

"Warp & Weft, A Dictionary of Textile Terms," also by Burnham, is another good text.

Like others, I have a collection of books on overshot, though no immediate plans to weave it. The day will come, but right now, too many things on the list ahead of it.

We had rain here today, then sleet this evening, and now lightly snowing. Must remember in the morning, while driving, there will be ice under the snow. Spring must be coming, though, the LP tank was filled today, ahead of putting road limits on (no trucks on the side roads), while the ground thaws.

Leigh said...

Lovely photo. And thanks for the book recommendation! As for weaving coverlets, never say never!

OzWeaver said...


Wow! I had a lot of catching up to do with you. Love the Burnham book and went on a long search years ago to get a copy.

Also, I'm in the camp of weavers who do cut off the first sampling or first item to wet finish and judge the results. I don't use glue, but just weave the plain weave header on either side of a stick for lashing on to the rod. I've had to resort to this when I was up against a deadline for one scarf on a warp of three! Deadlines are cruel!

Mostly, I wanted to tell you that your beautiful photographs inspire me! It was great to see the beach, to see Hanover that I haven't visited in about 20 years now, and to see King Arthur Flour! That's a place I've always wanted to visit since I order from them at least once a year!

Thanks for the fun!

artemis said...

WOW! that snow looks so beautiful! We dont get much over here in Uk (once every 20 years!).

Tiffany said...

Pretty snow, but I'm ready for spring too!

Thanks for your comment the other day on the Global Food Crisis post. We reached 127 comments!