Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I am Weak

Heading into today, I wondered if I'd be able to resist the lure of yarn and books at the NHWG meeting.

Apparently not. Now off to my studio to play with some yarn!!!


Deanna said...

You're just supporting your guild. :-) What's the bottom book?

Life Looms Large said...

Supporting my guild! I hadn't even thought of that angle!!

The bottom book is Looking at Twills by Leslie Voiers (an NH Weaving Guild member I believe.) It was published in 1983 by Harrisville Designs and includes lots of twill explanations, drafts and many small wool swatches.

At least I managed to stay focused on things I'm working on ...warping and twill!!!

Theresa said...

LOL, yes, you may be weak, but in a good way!!!!
Looks like you got some great stuff and supported the guild.

sheilabythebeach said...

May the force be with you!

artemis said...

ha ha! I can think of many worse addictions!

Meg in Nelson said...

I had a giggle with your title. Isn't it funny how we feel reassured by fellow weavers' weakness???