Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wagon Hill Park

A warm sunny day, when most of the snow has melted? Perfect for a walk at Wagon Hill Park in Durham, NH.

As we walked in the woods near the shore, I saw this old beauty of a tree. I didn't dare stick my arm and camera in that hole to see who's denned up there.

This man-made spit was probably once a bridge across the Oyster River.

We sat on the rocks while Bailey had fun wading and getting generally mucky.

Ahhhh, spring!

Heading back through the fields, clouds and fog began rolling in.

The scenery here reminds me of Andrew Wyeth's Christina's World.

Wyeth painted over 100 miles northeast of Durham, in Cushing, Maine.

This walk is our first time walking on non-snowy trails since mid-December. It's so much easier to walk when you don't have to contend with snow!

Bailey would love this park even more if dogs were allowed off leash - but as there are many dogs who visit, on-leash is wise!


bspinner said...

What beautiful pictures!!!!!

Jennifer said...

While all the pictures are gorgeous - I think the first one would make a wonderful tapestry weaving.....

Hilary said...

It does remind me of Christina's world, and reminded me of a Wyeth show at the museum in Portland Maine, about 16 years ago. I took my daughter and my mother. It was great.

Life Looms Large said...

Thanks guys!! (And Jennifer....I'm sure your encouragement will get me back in a tapestry mood sooner or later!)

Hilary - how nice that you attended a Wyeth show in Portland! They had one more recently that I attended...plus we got great deals at the LL Bean outlet in Portland that same day. The Wyeth Museum in Farnsworth, Maine is also a treat!


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures!

I wonder who was residing in that tree. Probably wise that you didn't stick your arm in to find out though!!

charlotte said...

Beautiful pictures, as always! I enjoy very much your New Hampshire landcape photos, and the old tree is fantastic.