Thursday, March 26, 2009


Vivid color. Vivid Memories. Vivid Dreams. Vivid Emotions. Vivid Imagination.

My current assignment at Digital Photography School was just called "Vivid". I immediately thought of vivid color, the focus of my pictures for this assignment.

It's a pale time of year here in New Hampshire. No flowers yet. Brown grass. No fall foliage. (No foliage at all.)

Here are some pictures of some of the most vivid things in our house:

Stained Glass Mobile by Jennifer Mitchell

Japanese Figures from an Exchange Student

Sewing Thread

Puppet from Jim's Trip to Cambodia

Magnets on the Refrigerator

Stained Glass Window Panel

Bailey's Brightest Dog Toys

Surprisingly, my brightest weaving yarns didn't make the cut for this assignment. Not quite vivid enough!!


Theresa said...

Lovely pics Sue and so nice to see those bright colors all around your house. Fun dog toys too, sadly in a terrier household they would only last about 5 minutes.

Birgitta said...

You have a very nice blogg. I love it.
Kram Birgitta

bspinner said...

Wonderful pictures!!! I love bright colors but am afraid to use them. Bailey has some great toys.

Deanna said...

Ooh, not only is the color vivid, but each photo brings questions to mind - about the story behind the picture.

Life Looms Large said...

Thanks for the happy comments!! I love comments!

Bailey does have a lot of toys...and he likes to carry them around and hide them rather than chew them. (He does chew rawhides and such....and when he was a puppy he'd chew anything - even the wall!)

The post would definitely have been much longer if I'd done more than caption the pictures!! But you're right - most of the items do have a story!! Plenty of blog material!


Leigh said...

What a neat assignment. I like the shot of the sewing thread the best, because thread and color are two of my weaknesses. :)

OzWeaver said...

Your photos have given me a jolt of energy! I like your composition!
Color can be so therapeutic!

Frida said...

Color is so great and it always makes you happy, doesn't it! My fave is the one with the Japanese figures.

charlotte said...

Great pictures and an interresting assignment! There's a award for you in my blog, I hope you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

Sue, I've been meaning to comment for a while on how much I like your photography, so this is the perfect opportunity. I always enjoy your pictures, especially the outdoor ones. Thanks for the link to the photo school too.

Lynnette said...

Great photographs, it's always a pleasure to read your blog. So beautifully illustrated.

Life Looms Large said...

Thanks for the kudos on my photography!! I'm definitely getting better (at least now I don't have many blurry shots when I unload the camera!) Plus taking photos daily changes how I see the world....which can only help in anything creative that I try!

Charlotte - thanks for the award! I need to get my act together and pass it along!

It's fun to see that different people have different preferences in this group of photos!

And I'm relieved whenever anyone likes my outdoor photos! I love spending time outside....and until this winter have not really photographed much that's indoors. So I'm glad I'm not boring my weaving readers with pictures of rocks, trees, plants, the sky!!!

Thanks for visiting and commenting!!