Thursday, August 20, 2009


Two beachy craft projects from our vacation in Maine

A wall of shorebirds made by the cottage owner's wife.

Years ago, she cut up dishtowels with printed shorebird designs

and decoupaged (or otherwise attached) them to these frames.

Ingenious and so beachy!!

Lobster in girls bunk room

I can't resist a few more lobster photos!

Lobster in a wagon

Lobster at rest

The knitted lobsters were a big hit. The pattern designer created the pattern for her 4-year-old daughter, and judging by the cottage dwellers, 4-year-olds played with them the most.

I'm so glad I made them!! Huge thanks to my knitting buddies for their inspiration, support and consistency! Thanks to their comaraderie, I'm a more prolific knitter.

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Theresa said...

It's nice to see them there losbers again! Looks like they have found good and loving homes. They were so beautifully created too. You going to make yourself one you think?

What a clever idea with the shorebird pictures! It certainly is beachy. It looks like it must have been a wonderful cottage by the sea. Does the family get together at the same one every year? I know that we had one or two friends who did and it was always fun to drop by and share in the annual celebration for a day.

Jennifer said...

The projects are great. It's amazing to see what people will think of to do with what they have. And I'm glad to hear the lobsters were well loved. That picture at rest is wonderful with the contrast. That screams advertisement!

Debbie said...

What wonderful collages! Great use of ready hand items. So beachy!!! I miss the beach, my husband doesn't enjoy it, so until the kids are older, guess I don't get to go either. I'll enjoy through all of the posts of fellow bloggers! LOVE the lobsters too!!! Wish I could knit!

Sharon said...

The lobster looks great and two thumbs up for being a more prolific knitter.

Life Looms Large said...

Theresa, I don't think I'll knit a lobster for myself, but you never know. I did just buy yarn for some slippers for me, and I'm working up a scarf for my niece.....but the lobsters are super fun to make. My next stuffed animal will be a knitted version of Bailey!!

Our family get together varies from year to year. Sometimes it's at Christmas and other times it's in the summer. For summer gatherings, we usually rent fairly last minute - giving us many fewer options - but that's sometimes a good thing. This was our first year in that house - and we only got it because the original renter was recovering from surgery. There was talk of quickly reserving it for next year because it was so idyllic, but it was just talk.

Jennifer - Thanks so much for noticing the picture at rest. I really like how it came out.

Debbie - I grew up loving the beach, but my husband doesn't enjoy it either. Since it's his family that gets together at the beach, that's one of the only times we go. At least one of the only times we swim. Sometimes we do a dog walk or some other kind of beachy sight-seeing.

The water at our beaches is plenty cold, so I'm not too keen on swimming in it either.

Sharon - Thanks for the prolific knitter thumbs up!! I've had that goal for quite a while, and a knitting group gave me just the nudge I needed to actually start and finish things. I always want something to work on so I can go see everyone - so it gives me incentive to get unstuck. Plus, if I'm really stuck, they have ideas and suggestions to help me get unstuck.

Wow - I'm chatty today!! (And every day?)


Delighted Hands said...

Love the pics of the birds..I used to do decoupage, why did I quit?