Friday, August 14, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

Breaking news from Portsmouth, NH, USA....

There's an exhibit of big dog sculptures on Pierce Island in Portsmouth until August 18. The exhibit will move to Ogunquit, Newburyport, Beverly and Lowell for five days each in August and September.

If you've seen the dog sculpture along Route 495 near Haverhill, these are the work of the same artist, Dale Rogers.

Bailey, Jim and I stopped by Portsmouth to check out the dogs. We'd read they were on Four Tree Island, where dogs are not allowed.

We were happy to see that they were on Pierce Island, where dogs are allowed - except in the playground.

Approaching cautiously

Bailey was startled when he saw the dogs....I think he could recognize that they were a giant animal form. He's so funny sometimes!

Sniffing to be sure

These 20 dog sculptures are 8 feet high, 10 feet long, and weigh 500 pounds each. I'm so happy that they came to Portsmouth and we got to see them.

Bailey running away from the pack

Parking is free on Pierce Island and the exhibit is free. Except for the playground, it is dog-friendly. (Here's a map of Portsmouth dog-friendly areas.)

There are benches and picnic you could grab a snack at Sanders Fish Market or Dos Amigos - or bring a picnic.

Sign says "Do Not Climb on Sculptures"

Have fun!

Tomorrow I will catch up with the end of our beach vacation. Saturday is cottage changeover day in Maine, so lots of packing is happening tonight and tomorrow morning!

Doesn't Bailey seem like he wants to be a big dog too?


sheilabythebeach said...

The Bailey/dog sculpture photos are priceless! Wish we could know what he was thinking!!

Theresa said...

Oh how neat are those! I want one to go with the dancing blue lobster darn-nit!
That's so funny the way Bailey is checking out that big dog. I'll bet he was wondering if that thing would turn around and give him a snarl.
I'll have to let the folks know about the dogs coming to Beverly. Thank you for the completeness of the info Sue!
Oh bummer, beach holiday over. Are you like me, start wishing for an extra week right about Tuesday because I know it's all going to end too soon. Glad the weather held and it looks like a great time was had by all.

Deanna said...

LOL - or maybe it reminded Bailey of one of his bad dreams? I love that he automatically sniffed the right end. :-)

hannah said...

very cool sculptures! and bailey is so precious!

bspinner said...

The dog sculptures are amazing!!!

Love the pictures of Bailey check them out.

Life Looms Large said...

There are many times when I'm glad Bailey can't talk - I'm afraid his conversation would be "Let's play! Let's play! Can I have some of that food?"

But I really do wish he could have told me what he was thinking when he looked at these sculptures. I had no idea he'd be so affected by them!! Too cute!

Happy weekend!


Susan Holmes said...

Sue, I can't believe you know about those dog sculptures! My in-laws collect sculpture and that sculptor is one of their favorites... they have photo of that dog sculpture on their computer (I didn't realize there was more than one!) and have bought one or two of his sculptures for their home in Baltimore. How great to see Bailey checking them out! I'll have to point the in-laws toward your blog.

synne said...

Those were big dogs.
Il understand that Bailey was a bit curios about them.
In Sweden for a cuple of years ago there whas a thing they called rondellhundar. It was dogs made by people and placed out in a roundabout. Anyone could do it.
People made them of just anything they had. Wood, metall, steal, and other things. They were popular. Roundaboutdogs was made just for fun. And it worked. People over the whole country made them, and during the night they were placed in a roundabout.

Il hope you understand anything of this...
I dont know if I understand it my self hihi...

Today its ranign agan. Il never think we wil se the sun again. She was here just for a few hours the other day...
This is the Norwegian summer modell 2009 for you.
But august may be a bit better from know one. Il hope.

About the buildings in my area.
When yor ever feel for a trip to Norway, please come and visit me. The building Il think you ment is Kongsvinger Festning.
Its a fortress build in 17th century. It was buildt for protection against Sweden. But It was never used. And during the second world war, the germans used it. So it has a bit of a history.
There you can find a bit more of information about the Festning.

Well my friend. its time to make some bread for breakfust. Its sunday and there is empty in the breadbox.
But Il be back soon..
Have a beautiful day.
Hugs Synne.

Leigh said...

Very clever. This is the kind of "modern" art I Like. Too cute about Bailey.

Life Looms Large said...

Wow - that's so funny, Susan, that your in-laws know of this artist! Small world!

I love the idea of those roundabout dogs!!! I'd love to see these dogs taking over roundabouts throughout the land!!


Jennifer said...

How much fun and how sad many of the parks did not allow dogs - seems contrary to the point! Loved seeing Bailey check it all out and mimic. I think he was stretching to be a BiG dog!

Delighted Hands said...

You caught the caution in Bailey's face as he approached the statue perfectly! Beautiful place.