Monday, August 24, 2009

Hurricane Bill

Fortunately for us, Hurricane Bill stayed well east of New England.

We were near the beach both weekend days, so we drove by to see what was happening.

Hampton Beach, NH on Saturday morning:

Surfers coming and going


Lots of surfers

To me, the most noticeable thing on Saturday was that the ocean was packed with surfers. There were few parking spaces and lots of people waiting for good waves.

Predictions of high surf combined with a late summer weekend attracted everyone with a surfboard to the beach.

Nov. 2008

Compare that to a weekend day in November of 2008. On that day, this was the biggest group of surfers.

Notice how nice the light was in November and that it wasn't hazy or humid! (More like icy and freezing!)

Saturday afternoon, out our back window:

Pouring Rain

We were trying to take pictures of a little hail that fell.....but we just got rain.

Sunday in Hull, MA:

Sunday we drove to Hull, MA for a family birthday party.

We stopped by the beach to check out the waves at around noon. They were big, but people were swimming.

It was a warm, mostly sunny day in Hull on Sunday.

Hurricane Bill was a hot topic for the news over the weekend, but fortunately it stayed far from the coast of NH and MA.


Theresa said...

Boy you guys are really getting hit with the humidity.
We're sitting at 34% up from 10% this morning. Last I checked Beverly weather it was something like 82%.
I know the wind wasn't a concern but the parental unit was worried about the waves moving moorings and boats hitting other boats or something like that.
All was well though and other than a gully washer looks like you all fared okay in NH and MA. Did you gift the scarf on Sunday? How did Bailey do with hail. I know our dogs really dislike it as do the horses.

sheilabythebeach said...

I thought of you this morning as I listened to the TV news while threading some warp. I was wondering if you were still at the beach and if you were getting hit too! Good to know all is well.

Delighted Hands said...

My sons were disappointed we got missed again-youth!!! The waves are impressive, glad you had nice weather for your visit to the beach last week.

Anonymous said...

We went out to Rye Saturday evening, as my son wanted to see if he could spot Bill from shore. He was convinced he'd see him, but sure enough, we mostly saw fog (and surfers) LOL. I'm happy the hurricane missed us, but the weather did make for some fun photos! :-)

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you are just getting rain and not seeing hail or tornadoes! It is amazing how in every situation someone out there will be excited out it - like the surfers! How does Bailey find all the water?

bspinner said...

The only hurricane I've been in was Agnus way back in 1972. We were lucky enough to be living in a village at the top of a mountain and just watched the water go by. I can't imagine being any closer to one. On the other hand we used to sit on our front porch and be on the watch for tornadoes when I was a kid in North Dakota. The forces of nature are amazing.

charlotte said...

These were huge waves, and a lot of rain. Great picures as always! Hurricane sounds really scary to me.

Lynnette said...

So glad to hear the hurricane didn't really materialize as it coul have and that it missed you. But the rain looks amazing, what a torrent! Living in a semi desert we seldom see rain like that! Amazing.

Benita said...

Oh, good! I was worried about New England after seeing the weather reports over the weekend.

That surf looks like fun!

alette siri ane said...

We got the rest of it!We always do,but it's trip over the ocean sure helps.Still lots of rain.

Life Looms Large said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! And for worrying about the northeast over the weekend when the storm seemed like it might threaten us.

Our humidity has been crazy - 80% or higher - for most of August. It dropped a little after the weekend, and they're promising cool and dry weather late this week. I hope they're right!

I did indeed gift the scarf on Sunday to big smiles and many thanks. Of course, it was gifted in an unfinished state hot off the loom at the beach so all the weavers coule see the smile on their grandma's face. I'm sure it will be well-loved. I hope it holds up well. (Chenille can sometimes misbehave!)

Fortunately for Bailey, the hail was brief and not very noticeable because of the huge amount of rain falling at the same time. So he didn't hide under the ottoman or anything!!

Unfortunately for Bailey, most beaches don't allow dogs during peak hours in the summer - so he didn't get to see any of the high water. I think it would have scared him.

Very fortunately for NH, we seldom have any tornadoes here. We don't usually suffer much hurricane damage either. I guess that's in return for all that snow!!

Sorry that Bill headed to Europe!