Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Scarf!

Is it wrong to post some one else's Finished Object???

My niece, E, just finished her very first knitting project - a scarf for her cousin!!

I wish I could say I was her knitting teacher....but I'm a terrible knitting teacher! Ask any of my students who've failed to learn to knit under my tutelage!!

After trying to learn from me for one or two summer vacations, E wisely took a single lesson near her house and is now a knitter!

Doesn't the scarf remind you a little of a seagull in flight?

Or maybe that's just me!


charlotte said...

Congratulations! I still remember how excruciatingly difficult it was to learn knitting, and how much time I used just for one stitch... And this scarf is really long!

Theresa said...

Oh nice job! I think you're safe showing off your niece's work, unless of course, she's copyrighted it. :-)
Great seagull picture. I know they are an annoyance
for many, but they are masters of flight.

Delighted Hands said...

If not a great teacher, you certainly are a good encourager! She is knitting and that's great!

Jennifer said...

I think it's great to celebrate your neice's first scarf! What else are aunts for, but to make a fuss!

bspinner said...

Way to go!!!! I think it's great that you share your niece's first knitting project with us.

Love the seagull picture.

Life Looms Large said...

I learned to knit in grade school and was terrible at it. Didn't knit until after college....and was surprised that I was suddenly much better.

Hand-eye coordination definitely helps!!!

I'm so proud of my niece for finishing a scarf!!! She's already started another!!

Seagulls are pretty cool I think. They always remind me of happy days at the beach!


Susan H said...

I taught Vann to knit and his (first and only so far) scarf is hilarious... he knit VERY LOOSELY and I would sneakily try to tighten rows a bit when he wasn't looking. Scarf also got looser as he went. His grandmother wore it very proudly (she says) and got many comments on its uniqueness, though she recently returned it to us. I'll have to send you a photo Sue!

Life Looms Large said...

That's great that Vann knows how to knit. I once overhead a knitting teacher telling a beginner (who I think kept knitting very loosely) "Oh, you'll be a natural at knitting lace." I don't knit lace, so now I don't remember if that person was knitting too tight or too loose.

This scarf was given to a 2 year old, who will probably appreciate it this winter, and will overlook any irregular stitches.