Thursday, August 6, 2009

Long Time No See

It's possible that I'm reaching an all-time blogging low with this post.

But I was so happy when this happened!!! (It truly is the little things sometimes!)

Maybe it means I need a vacation.

When I unloaded a very full washing machine, this popped out.

I was thrilled! Really!

In my bin of single socks.....

Yes, we have a match!!!

These are a pair of my favorite running socks by Sock Guy.

I bought a batch of them in 2007 to celebrate my return to running. (They're Coolmax so my feet feel all cool and comfie and I hardly ever get blisters!)

This pair was one of my favorites, but I only was able to wear it a handful of times before one disappeared.

I've had a variety of theories including:
  • Bailey stole it and hid it or chewed it up (one of his bad puppy habits)
  • It was stuck in a pocket or in some seldom used linen and might re-appear someday
  • It had vanished the way socks sometimes do in the wash
I always thought that socks that disappeared in the wash got drained out of the machine.

But the wear on this one makes me think it's been caught in my washing machine for 2 years, and somehow the giant load of wash I did today freed it up.

It's not pretty anymore.....I hope it will clean up a little bit at least!!

Reunited, and it feels so good!


Theresa said...

Maybe you should stick it's mate in the washing machine for a few months of cleaning??? LOL, so, you'll have at least one happy foot?
I'm just flabberghasted you have a special bin for single socks. We just buy the same sock, over and over and when a mate gets lost it gets tossed because about 20 others match it!

Life Looms Large said...

I'm glad that the goofy thing about me in your mind at least is that I have a single sock bin. Not that I'm posting about laundry and a long-missing sock.

I guess I get overly attached to some things - even my socks. And they do turn up years later sometimes....although this one is in the worst condition ever!!

Jim buys the big packs of matching socks so as they wear out and get thrown out, single ones sit in that bin until they have a mate again.

OK - crazy laundry you know!


Theresa said...

You know, I think they have Coolmax available in sock yarn. Not positive though. I do keep track of hand knitted socks and the heavy winter wool boot socks.
I have stuff that goes AWOL all the time. Searches are organized and conducted. It sometimes takes a few times before the stray item is found and usually balled up in a saddle pack or in the barn. Once a sweatshirt had been there so long, the mice had made a nest out of it...pre barn kitties. Now they commandeer any clothing left in the barn for their own beds.
I think the single sock bin is a good idea actually, but I'm not sure I have what it takes to keep it. I'm a tosser, not a saver and if a sock ends up not having a mate, it becomes a dust cloth or hits the trash can PDQ.

Life Looms Large said...

I might have to confess to dangerous packrat tendencies. I think I have them under control.....but I have to be careful. I could easily end up with one of those giant room-devouring stashes.

Plus, the more frightening example is my grandmother's overfull house. She didn't manage to clean it out, and when left to my dad, he moved his house of stuff in on top of everything. Yipes!!!

Maybe I should throw away some single socks just to make sure I can!!


Delighted Hands said...

I toss 'single' your story is a very happy ending for you! I never even thought about washing machines keeping them!

Deanna said...

I think this sock should be named Dante. :-)

sheilabythebeach said...

Ah, mystery solved, maybe your machine has some of our socks, let me know if any strangers show up!

You must have a LOT of orphan socks to have a special bin for them. I use a rubber band to put them together and toss them in the sock box. I thought I found one a few days ago, but, alas, no!

My fitted sheets like to snuggle the socks in their corner folds.

Jennifer said...

Wow - I am so impressed by the single sock bin! So with those special running socks do you ever just take two unmatched and go? Too Funny!

deborah said...

You have rekindled my faith in eventualjustice..I have many single socks forever lost in the depths of the washing machine. I have only just returned to my blog because I was finding it difficult to put the words together, all i needed was a sock !!!!

bspinner said...

A single sock bin. I should have had one when our children were little. Now I only get upset if the sock I lost was hand knit.
Doesn't it just make you wonder where it's been all this time?

Sharon said...

I loved running and I saiddthat I quit running more times than a smoker quit smoking. I fell off a mountain bike on a trail rise and wasn't able to free me foot from the toe clip - that was the beginning of the end. That was a surgery that returned me to running, but the second surgery closed that chapter. I hope you are able to enjoy the joy of running for many years to come.

Susan H said...

I haven't read all your posts but this one ranks high, not low in my estimation... could be turned into a children's story (a la parable of the lost sheep etc)...
the sock had clear emotional significance and deserves all these accolades after hanging on for dear life through all those loads!

Life Looms Large said...

If I were going to name my socks, Dante would be a good name for this one!! (Or would that adversely affect my running?)

Hmmmm.....I thought everyone had a single sock bin. No?? We end up with single socks pretty often - a few times a month at least - because I do laundry a load here and a load there - so there's no guarantee that both socks from a pair will be in the same load. I do have a single beautiful alpaca mitten in that bin too. And a single slipper. Waiting patiently....

Jennifer - I think using the good sock from this pair with a sock from an unmatching pair is a brilliant idea! Especially because I have this same pair in pink....and it seems a little too girly to me. So I could wear a pink hibiscus and a blue hibiscus. That works for me!! (I do have to try running in Dante, the newly returned sock, though to welcome it back. Hopefully that won't result in blisters or other dire consequences!)

Deborah - Glad my sock helped you look at blogging differently!! Some people say that I can talk to anyone about anything for any length of time.....Can't be sure that's a compliment though!!

Sharon, I didn't know you were a runner! Sorry about the toe clip incident....I know a lot of people who've been injured by's weird because bikers always think that sport is safer than running. Thanks for wishing me years of running.....I have my fingers crossed that it will be so!

Susan, I do love thinking of that sock hanging on for dear life through years of wash. I wonder if it had friends somewhere in the washing machine - and is there a way for me to find them too?

Thanks for not drumming me out of the blogsphere for my sock story!