Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fuller Craft Museum

Last weekend, we were south of Boston for a family birthday celebration.

We headed down early so we could visit the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA.

I've been interested in the museum for a few years, but it jumped up in my priority list when I heard they had two current exhibits that highlight fiber.

The museum is set in a natural area with many trees.

There are outdoor sculptures leading to the entrance.

I love this rock garden....which is all rocks and flowers!

My favorite rock photo!

The museum is mostly on one level (down a flight of stairs from the entrance), with one exhibit space and the giftshop on the level that you enter.

The Perfect Fit - Shoes Tell Stories was the first exhibit as we entered. I didn't realize that Brockton had once been a hotbed of shoe manufacturing. The first room of items was on loan from the Brockton Shoe Museum.

The shoe exhibit turned out to be my favorite. There were shoes crafted from all different materials, and sculptures and hangings made from shoes or parts of shoes. Very fun and very creative.

I included this picture for any weavers reading, because it is thousands of woven shoe laces hanging from two warp beams.

Detail of shoe laces

The museum is set next to a large pond filled with waterlillies. The courtyard is beautiful.

Structured Space – An installation by Machiko Agano

fills a room with knitting out of wire and fishline. I, of course, thought of Charlotte's fishline curtains when I realized what material was used for this piece.

You could see this installation from below and from above at the end of the polymer clay gallery.

The polymer clay exhibit included furniture and jewelry in addition to wall art and sculpture.

A well-stocked giftshop

We spent a very pleasant hour at the museum. They also offer workshops....too bad they're so far away from me!! I'll definitely visit again though, next time I'm in the area.

The only IKEA in Massachusetts is within 10 minutes of Fuller Craft Museum. That combination would definitely be worth the drive!!!

Sorry the pictures in this post are all over the place. I tried to use the updated blogger editor....and didn't do very well with it.


Sharon said...

Great museum - thanks for taking the time to post all that stuff!

How come no mention of Ted Kennedy? Not a fan??

Delighted Hands said...

Loved the variety of textures in your pics......the weaving was a nice touch! Thx.

Theresa said...

I knew we'd get somewhere good after soup! Looks like a great place. Even when I lived in MA I rarely headed south of Boston. Looks like a good travel week scheduled too. :-) My big trip this week, the vet with Bea in Jacksonville.

bspinner said...

Looks like a beautiful museum full of interesting exhibits. Love the shoe laces. Thanks for sharing.

charlotte said...

So very interresting, I love museums! There are not many here to visit, so I enjoyed this virtual tour very much, especially the shoelace fabric and the beautiful fishing line installation.

Life Looms Large said...

Glad you guys liked the museum visit!!! I'm glad I finally got to go!

In answer to your question Sharon, even though politics is a frequent topic at our kitchen table, it's so far not been a topic on my blog. That could change when presidential primary season rolls around in NH again....but until then, I'll stick to yarn and plants!

Now, if I could somehow get Obama (or any major politician) to pose with something I'm knitting, a la the Yarn Harlot (if you read her blog, you know what I mean), then I would quickly get much more political!!