Saturday, August 8, 2009

This Way....

to our annual family beach gathering - a week of family, festivities and fun.

Down a quiet lane

wearing beach shoes

follow the path through the dunes

to the beach with us!!!


Theresa said...

Have a grand time! Let's see, lobster, clams, fresh corn and blueberries all in season in August in Maine.
Don't forget to add feasting!

charlotte said...

This is really a lovely spot. Is the green grass ordinary grass or some kind of reed growing on dunes?

Delighted Hands said...

If youare at the beach, it will be a lovely time! Enjoy!

Alice said...

Oh boy am I ever jealous! Have fun with lobster adventures!

Chris said...

I looks like you have your own favorite place for a family get together. Have a wonderful time!

Hilary said...

I want to come!!!!!!!

Susan Holmes said...

Where in Maine are you??? Looks great, and thanks for bringing this lovely weather!! I just noticed a show at 10:30 on PBS tonight about some islands off the coast of New Hampshire.


Life Looms Large said...

Feasting, lobsters, boogie boards, icy cold ocean swimming will all be parts of our vacation in southern Maine!

Charlotte - the grass is American beach grass. My next post has a bit more info about it. Thanks for inspiring me to look it up and learn about it!!!

Susan's right - there is a special on PBS about the Isles of Shoals which I visited and blogged about in June.

Hopefully the good weather stays with us....however, our relatives from California secretly wish for at least one pouring rainstorm with thunder and lightning. (They seldom get to see that.)

Wish you were here!!


sheilabythebeach said...

Love to see "your" ocean! And the very idea of a summer thunder storm thrills me to pieces! Haven't been in one for ages, not that I'd wish that on anyone that didn't want it...
Have fun!

Jennifer said...

Have a great week! Did you take the kayaks? What does Bailey think of the beach? What fun!

Life Looms Large said...

That's funny that another Californian (Sheila) weighs in wishing to see a thunderstorm. I'm not sure I'd miss them if I didn't live here!!

We didn't bring the kayaks on this trip....even though the house we're renting this year is very close to a marsh where we could launch and have a great time. We didn't bring them mostly because we'd just end up going off by ourselves, and the whole point of this week is family togetherness. I guess our boogie-boarding, beach-walking, and feasting schedule is too packed to allow kayaking!!

Bailey loves it here. Dogs are allowed on the beach after 6 pm on leash, so we try to go for a beach walk after dinner. Plus he loves hanging around on the deck. This house is very private and safe from cars, so he can be off leash outside without fear.

He's discovered that he can go right under the house since it's about 2-3 feet off the ground on pylons in case of storms. It's one of the only houses on the island that can get flood those pylons are probably important.

The one thing Bailey doesn't like is that when we go to the beach we put him in his crate. If the crate is where he can see people on the paths through the dune grass, he whines - annoying anyone else who's hanging out at the house. But once we figured out that putting the crate where he can't see out the door helped, he started being a little better about it.

And what dog wouldn't love a house full of people, plenty of walks, and daily swims and beach time???

This is one of those weeks where Bailey teeters on the brink of being spoiled rather than just well-loved!!