Monday, August 17, 2009

Enough is Enough!

Summer has been fun so far!

Our New England summer is way too short for me to wish any of it away by thinking about whatever seasons come next!!

But my studio is getting to the "too messy to start anything new" stage....which I don't like.

Projects, purchases, flotsam and jetsam waiting on the stairs to be magically transported to the studio.

Everywhere I look there's evidence of knitted lobsters, NEWS, weaving at the beach, and beach projects that didn't come to fruition because we had such great weather.

My workspace, covered with projects and supplies.

I'm firmly in the messy desk camp....ask anyone who's ever worked near me. (And my home office is firmly entrenched on the second floor so visitors don't get scared!)

But, even for me, there's a point where too many loose ends floating around detracts from creativity rather than adds to it.

Evidence of last minute cabinet-raiding before the beach trip

So today, before I took stock of where I left off with various projects, I cleared off the stairs, and sorted things - plus re-stashed items in the cabinets.

I feel better already!

I know I'm not the only one who takes time to enjoy the summer, and lets the mess take over for a while. At least I'm in good company!!


Theresa said...

Good for you! I'll bet you even found a thing or two you completely forgot you had too. I can't enjoy working in a messy space, which is not to say my desk is clean, it isn't, but my yarn and shuttles and that sort of stuff needs to be just what I need out and nothing else. I'll bet you were getting ready to put in those harnesses...yeah??? ;-)

synne said...

Hi again.
Im glad I found you and your blogg for many reasons. First , because you have so many nice pictures to show me. And second, but not the least, Il have a change to imrprove my english writhing.
Your englishspeaking is alright whit me :D
I do agree thou about the google translatior. Its not good at al!
Im looking for another tool to use in that area. but hopefully you understand enogh to understand what Im trying to tell you.

Today the sun is visiting us aganin. But it has the strong wind as company. But its nice anyway.

Il have one look at your studio and I smile. Does it helps if Im saying its looks the same in mine?
During the summer anyway. But know its time to do something whit it.

Know we are going to take a drive in to Kongsvinger. We must go to the polis. Its nothing seriuos but we have to had new passports. Suddenly I realise that we had been a few years older. So the passports are not valid anymore. Or is it us who has grown older...We are going to Madeira in oktober.
There it should be possible to see the sun a few days.

Maybee Il should try to write in english on my blogg. Just a few lines. That and google translatort should bee working.
dont you think?

Have a realy nice day, wherever you are. Il do my best here were Im am.

Benita said...

You are in good company in more ways than one! That is how my place looks currently, but, like you, it's about to make a change for the better. Woohooo!!!! Organization time!!!!

Jennifer said...

That's great - take control! You've had so much going on it's understandable, but there does come a time to rein it all in! Maybe a happy accident will result???

bspinner said...

You've made me take a good look at my studio and realize just how messy it is. Time for a good "pick up and put away" day.

What is the two tone blue project on your table? Ribbon or paper weaving? Whatever it is I sure do like it.

Sharon said...

Libraries have an area where books go before they get reshelved and it's called the "reshelving unit." That's what I call my stairs and I laughed out loud when I saw that you too have one. It's part of being organized - its preorganization.

Life Looms Large said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with a messy studio!!! Although I think now I'll call my various stair piles my reshelving unit!!! Thanks Sharon!!

I definitely hope to finish up all the Toika woodwork by fall. It's definitely not where I want it to be yet. We're also doing a big painting when I'm in the mood to do something unpleasant, I tend to paint more than sand. A few more months of good weather I hope to get both done!

Synne, you're welcome to stop by and practice your English any time!!! Your English is much better than my non-existent Norwegian!!

I didn't get the whole studio mess cleaned up, but I made progress. No happy creative accidents or surprise finds were unearthed....but there's still time!

The two-tone project on the table is the paper weaving I did at NEWS in Jan Doyle's class. I've decided it will look great framed and hanging in my office. So I need to get that taken care of.

I usually find that by late August I start feeling ready to buckle down to work. Must be all those years of school still ingrained. (Or maybe I was a squirrel in a past life?)


Delighted Hands said...

My stairs always looked like this but in our new home-no stairs! I tend to do little piles but I need neat to work so they get ordered pretty regularly-don't you just love the 'just picked up' look?!