Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rock Album

Maybe my brain is waterlogged from so much swimming....

This week at Digital Photo School, the assignment is "Album Cover".

I immediately thought

Rock Album.

Rock Scar

What is a rock album without a rock star, er, I mean scar??

Yes - that happened to Jim's leg as he boogie-boarded over these rocks at high tide.

Bailey exploring the beach at low tide.

Starfish in a Tide Pool

Hermit Crab in a Tide Pool

Snails head to the ocean from isolated tide pools, although the tide will come back in soon.

Very interesting snail behavior

I like how they follow in each others footsteps (or snail trails).

Rock on!


Theresa said...

Great pictures, I could almost hear the surf and I sure
brought to mind that salty beachy smell.
Poor Jim, although I'm sure the time he had boogie boarding was worth the battle scraps. Bailey tried catching a crab yet?

charlotte said...

I love those pictures! And many of them would look really great as album covers. I never heard of snails following each other, very interresting. Here the snails just wait for high tide in their pools and under the seaweed.

Susan H said...

Beautiful!!!! Shockingly we haven't gotten to the coast yet this summer (did make it to Baxter though) so your photos will inspire us to get down there now that it's finally HOT!

Jennifer said...

That's it! I love turning the assignment into what you love!

The pictures are great and I'm glad to see that you all are having a great vacation!

synne said...

What nice pictures from the beach and the sea.
I wish we could go to the sea to.
Here its only raining....
But I realy dont mind. Im picking the berrys and make lemonade and jam. So my time flies anyhowe.

The snails whas intressting to look at. I dont heard that they do things lika that. But what do I know about snails hihi....

Hope everything is ok on the other side of the ocean.
Hugs Synne.

bspinner said...

Great pictures!!!!

I've never seen snails following each other. Interesting.

Looks like Bailey's enjoy himself.

Anonymous said...

Rock album - I love it! LOL
I've never seen snails moving with purpose like that either - how great!

Life Looms Large said...

Bailey's beach walk priorities are pretty well defined: 1) Find other dogs to play with. 2) Get wet and sandy. 3) Try to drink salt water, even though it never tastes good. 4) Find smelly things to pick up or roll in.

He hasn't figured out that there are live critters he could stalk. And I think I'm glad!

It is funny that even though we live within 10 miles of the coast, we seldom go to the beach unless we have out of town guests. The water is so cold for swimming that I need that many people around me for moral support!!

Thanks for tolerating my "rock star" humor!! Jim's such a good sport....letting his leg be featured in my blog!!

Hope your enjoying August too!!