Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Art of Mosaic 2009

Today, I visited The Art of Mosaic 2009 exhibit at the Somerville Museum in Somerville, MA, US. The exhibit closes on October 31, so I wanted to blog about it right away in case you have a chance to see it.

Also on Saturday, October 31, there is a Mosaic Supplies Vendor Show at the museum from 12 - 4 pm. If I had known that, I might have waited to go Saturday when I could shop. (As if I need to try mosaic with all of that yarn taking over my studio!)

A new show Mosaic Voices will be held at the Somerville Museum Nov 5 - Dec 13, 2009. I'm already making plans to attend.

The museum is in a pretty section of Somerville, surrounded by some gorgeous Victorian homes.

Any museum with an entrance like this is worth a visit!

Here are some of the mosaics that caught my eye (in random order).

I must admit that I love the very open photo policy of this show and the artists in the show. And I love mosaics! I had no idea that so many artists in New England were creating beautiful mosaics.

Aurora Borealis Vase
Lizz Van Saun
Hopkinton, NH

Tryptich 2
Ora Avni
Hamden, CT

Sophie Drouin
Kitchener, Ontario

Flight of the Jellies
Amanda Edwards
Falmouth, ME

Glorious Autumn 2008
Carrie Fradkin
Lebanon, NH

Pavement Fractals
Cynthia Fisher
Charlemont, MA

Fish Birdbath
Judith Wright
Gloucester, MA

Cortland Apple
Michelle Eckhart
Middletown, CT

Timeless Vortex - Antelope Canyon
Michael Welch
Wakefield, MA

The End of Inocence
Anibal Cicardi
Belchertown, MA

Shawn Newton
Wallingford, CT

Huge thanks to Laura K. Aiken who blogged about this exhibit! I never would have found it without her!!


Sharon said...

Those are fantastic. I have a bin of broken ceramics in the garage because I have this delusion that one day I will make a mosaic. I am in awe of mosaic artists.

Leigh said...

The mosaics are wonderful. That a talent to make something like that. Actually, they remind me of tapestry weaving -- tile tapestries.

Delighted Hands said...

Just beautiful-I have dabbled with mosiacs with some stepping stones and have grand plans for a mosiac area when we get a pool-thanks for the inspiring pics!

Anonymous said...

Wow - beautiful mosaics! And I love the museum entrance - very pretty indeed!

Jennifer said...

Laura is a great source of info - and thanks for sharing the pictures. They are amazing and has got me thinking of ideas for tapestries!!!

Deanna said...

Wow!!! Amazing mosaics and great photos. Thanks!

charlotte said...

Those mosaics are fantastic! Thank you for sharing this, it gives me a lot of inspiration.
Have a nice weekend!

Sara said...

My mouth is hanging open - these are beautiful. I love the one called Leftovers! And, the fish in the pool! Nice show to have gone to.

Life Looms Large said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only weaver who thinks mosaics are really cool!!! These pieces take a really long time to make - on the order of tapestry or even longer I think.

The last piece, entitled "Leftovers", was impossible to photograph well. It's very 3-dimensional. The path goes back about 6 inches from the front of the piece - and the tree and the dogs are in relief. I tried to take pictures from different angles, but the camera just makes it look flat.

Jim and I spent a week in Venice once. I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out where I could buy mosaic tiles there. I did finally find some, but they're still incubating in my studio. Maybe I should take a class!!

Glad you liked the photos!! I'm excited to go to the next show at the same museum.


Sharon said...

I realize as I look at this again that what I didn't get pictures of in NYC are the wonderful and diverse mosaics throughout the subway tunnels.