Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Lately, I've been an infrequent blogger. Instead I've been:
  • perched on a mountaintop watching migrating hawks
  • sanding shafts and treadles for my 12 shaft Toika loom
  • painting the outside of our house
  • hiking and watching wildlife in Colorado and Utah
Now that vacation is over and we're back home, I'll be blogging more often. Plus, I hope to do a better job of keeping up with your blogs and with comments. I've been pretty haphazard about that lately!

When we left for vacation in late September, the trees in our front yard were still green.

Now hints of yellow are creeping in.

Going forward, my posts will be the usual mixture of things that inspire me, and what I do with that inspiration. I am stepping up my studio commitment this fall to make the most of my weaving time.

I will be blogging about my trip as well...on the dates when events actually occurred in late September and early October.

It's been a stormy day here today, full of unpacking, laundry, and generally getting the house restarted.

Bailey is so glad that we bailed him out of the kennel and he's back home!! We're glad to be back home too.

Look how yellow the beech trees are.

One of our maples is starting to turn red. My guess is that we have 3 weeks of foliage left. I promise not to post leaf pictures every single day. Or maybe I should, just to get it out of my system.


Jennifer said...

You've certainly been busy!!! I'm looking forward to hearing all about it! Looking forward to the fall color pictures also. I'm surprised to see that you aren't extremely ahead of us in color. I've seen some of the october Glory maples just starting here. Hmmm... Maybe it's elevation...

sheilabythebeach said...

Yes, I love to go on vacation with you! Anxious to see where we have been...
Plus, I've never seen the famous foilage of the New England states in person. With your photography skills it will be just like being there.
Welcome back to blog-land.

Anonymous said...

Utah and Colorado - must have been beautiful!! And now you're back in time to enjoy the beautiful NH fall color - perfect timing!

Susan said...

Hey, its great to see you back again! I even missed Bailey!

The trees are turning colour here too and I plan to get the camera out and catch a row of trees I call "the Dancing Ladies".
This is that neat time of year where trees in a homogenous forest, all get to be on centre stage as individuals.


synne said...

Hello Sue.
Nice fall pictures you show us.
Im enjoying this time of the year more know when Im nearly 50 years of age. I wonder why?

This morning we had a visitor in our backyard.
It was a wolf. I woke up at 03:15 and heard the dog barking and howling outside. He was in the dogyard. I thougt he was out of the yard so I got dressed and went out looking.
The dog was sitting in the dogyard and said nothing, but a few 100 meters from us, in a open field there I saw a animal sitting. The moon was lighting up the darkness so it was not hard to see.
And as if I gave the animal a signal he startet to howl...
And our dog answerd...
It was not so scary that I thougt it would be. I feelt very lucky to have seen and heard this.
Ive seen wolf before, but not so close to the house. So know the dogs is staying in for the nights instead of in the dogyard. The wolf can get in there wery easy if he wants to. And Im not so happy of loosing any of them.
When I got in, I took the dog whit me. The wolf had taken a dog not far away from us, only a few weeks ago.

On sunday we are going on a vacation. Madeira is waiting for us.
I promis to take many pictures.

Hugs Synne.

Marsel said...

I vote for posting leaf-pictures every day that you feel so will enjoy it, and so will those of us whose fall hasn't kicked into full gear yet (I'm in Georgia)!

Theresa said...

Please, daily pictures of a New England fall are always welcome! Can't wait to see the trip update and pics too, but I'm really excited about hearing what all will be going on in the loom room.
Bailey must have been over the moon to see you hadn't abandoned him!
Welcome back and good to see you up blogging regularly again! Missed you.

Delighted Hands said...

Yes, we won't be getting the colored foliage until Dec so go ahead and share leaves every day! Welcome back home-a trip always makes home so much sweeter!

jane said...

I love foliage too. Keep them coming. I'm all for using a blog 'to get things out of your system'. When projects go wrong and I wonder why I chose them etc

Life Looms Large said...

Thanks for the encouragement about fall photos! I should have realized that people who follow my blog aren't here for "all weaving all the time".

And thanks for the warm welcome back to blogging! I've missed all of you!!

Synne, that is so cool (and scary) that your dog a wolf were communicating on your property. Glad you could bring the dog inside for the night. We don't have wolves here, only coyotes - and it's scary enough to hear them when they're close by.