Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Speaking of Free

Theresa, over at Camp Runamuck, is having a knitting book giveaway.

Despite rumors to the contrary, I did not claim all of the books!!!! (Even though "free" is my favorite price!!)

Bailey even convinced her to send him a book - through his animal magnetism and charm.

He's been busy choosing the Christmas presents I should make for his four-legged friends!!

(But maybe he thinks if it starts as a gift for his dog friends, it will turn into a gift for him. He is hard to resist!)

Thanks Theresa for expanding my knitting library by 5 times!! (Yes, prior to these books, I only owned one measly knitting book.)

Quick - it's a first come first served giveaway.....so visit Theresa right quick!!


Theresa said...

LOL, there are still a few books left but I am SO glad Bailey is enjoying his surprise selection. What's he picked out for friends so far. Has he got colors in mind? :-)

Leigh said...

I have dibs on one of her books too. I cant wait! I wonder if Rascal will be as enthusiastic about it as Bailey is(???)

Life Looms Large said...

Theresa, Thanks again for the books! Now that I'm back home I can really spend more time with them. Bailey has so far chosen this long snake toy (he has a store-bought snake that he likes - but he'd love a homemade one!) Color is my department!

Glad you're getting a book too Leigh!! It's hard to beat Bailey's enthusiasm!!


Delighted Hands said...

Good for you-enjoy! (Love the Bailey shot-I know he is smart and now we know it is because of this trait!)