Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fine Fiber Fest, Exeter, NH

We stopped in at the Fine Fiber Fest in the Town Hall Gallery in Exeter, NH, (USA) this afternoon. The annual fiber show runs through October 25.

There's a little bit of everything on display (and for sale): felted bags, quilts, tapestry, felted hangings, shibori scarves, handspun and handknit scarves and mittens. Today there was a spinner spinning in the gallery.

We also walked around town a bit with Bailey, shopping at the Chocolatier, and stopping frequently to take pictures for my next photography assignment.


Delighted Hands said...

Chocolate! Did you say chocolate?!

Theresa said...

Beautiful show, looks like all sorts of wonderful things to see. That is the single thing I miss most about New England. Everything is close. Always something going on every fall weekend and most of it is within an hour from where ever you are. In the west it is all so spread out unless you live a metro area.
Great burning bush pictures...

Terri said...

Hi Sue, I know I've said this before but your website is a feast for the eyes!!! Your photos are always amazing. I've been to Exeter and remember it being quaint. It must be beauuuuuuuutiful this time of year.

Terri said...

p.s. I'm with you on the hatred of coffee.

Life Looms Large said...

Delighted Hands - I say chocolate way too often sometimes!!

Theresa - There is a lot going on in New England right now. And you're right - there's usually plenty of variety within an hour of home, wherever home is. I think it's because the towns here tend to be about 15 miles apart - the distance a loaded horse cart could travel in a day back before cars. (My blog is really trying to tell you to move back!)

Terri - Thanks so much for the compliments! I really appreciate it. Exeter is pretty quaint when I think about it - although living in this area, I don't tend to think of it as quaint so much. It is beautiful at this time of year, although yesterday was solid rain for almost 24 hours. Today is sunny and gorgeous though! Glad I'm not the only coffee holdout!!