Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Scary or Spooky

Scary and spooky is not my forte - especially not in my blog, dedicated to inspiration and the fruits of inspiration.

But at Digital Photography School this week, Scary or Spooky is the assignment.

I tried.

I'm not good at noticing scary or spooky things!! (And I'm totally good with that!)


Delighted Hands said...

This works. But really scary is being out of fiber....!

Theresa said...

LOL, yes, fiber shortages are truly scary!
No creepy places in the woods at all? I know there are a few dark scary places along the trails we ride that almost always creep me out and sometimes the horse too. Could be that they are so quiet and seemingly devoid of life. The hand/claw picture is rather scary looking and pumpkins always look spooky when they are carved and start to cave in.

Jennifer said...

I'm not into Halloween at all myself - the one thing that I've noticed this year is that the decorations are scary in the sense they are getting more plastic and tacky! At least with your photo it showed ingeuity and creativity on the part of the decorator!

Life Looms Large said...

I don't have a fiber shortage at the moment (or in the foreseeable future really.)

I do have some scary cobweb-looking yarn that really belongs in some Halloween-related scenario.

I am a scary person when I'm injured and can't run!!

I didn't even think of the woods when I thought about scary places. I love the woods!! (Not to say I've never been creeped out outdoors - just that the thought didn't even come to mind.)

I was looking for a scary attic or basement, but didn't find one.

Thanks for visiting!


Deanna said...

I think you captured scary/spooky pretty well. In case you're interested, here's another take on it.

I've also heard of doing this with time-lapse - 10 second exposure and having the "ghost" move quickly out of frame for the last 3 seconds.

Life Looms Large said...


Thanks for the great scary or spooky idea! I have just the right ghostly subject in mind.....hopefully there will be time for it in the next day or two!!

In any case, I wasn't aware of that website and it looks really interesting!! Thanks!