Monday, October 12, 2009

Started Out Running, Ended Up Dyeing

This morning I was out for my run, enjoying the sun, wind and beautiful leaves.

Mulling over what I need to do to get my scarf warp on the loom. Thinking about purchasing reeds.

I ran past a house with an old, but working, microwave out front. About 100 feet down the road, I turned back to look more closely, figuring I could use a microwave like that for dyeing when I need to set the dye. (At least that's how we've set dye in the two dyeing workshops I've taken.)

You know that my favorite price is free, right?? I could not pass up a free microwave!!! Score!!


Theresa said...

LOL, did you snag those shelves too?
Great leaf picture BTW!

Anonymous said...

Free is fabulous, that's for sure!!

Delighted Hands said...

Great find-did you jog home with it in your arms?! I definitely would have taken the shelves, too!

Jennifer said...

Okay - so do you also jog with a camera???? Great find!

Alice said...

Whoa! That is a score. I agree with the others about the shelves too!

I read an old issue of Handwoven (Nov/Dec 1988) (!) about winding color and texture warps. Several projects suggest using a paddle to warp from your thread menagerie then warping from the front. You would choose to sley your threads as you go from the group of threads, making sure no textured or fragile threads are at the edges to adversely affect the selvedge.

That would really be designing on the loom.

Life Looms Large said...

I did not snag the shelves. Oh no!!! I was so focused on the dyeing possibilities that I didn't consider the shelf possibilities!

I left out the fact that I turned around, ran home, got the car, the camera, the dog, the husband....and returned to drive the microwave home. I wish I had a camera to run with - I see things I'd love to photograph all the time. But alas, I'm pretty much gadget-less when I run. (I do have a running GPS, so when I head out to run 5 miles I can stop the second I hit the 5 mile mark!)

Alice, Thanks so much for the designing on the loom answer!! I'm building up my courage - and researching where to buy a reed....and then I'll start winding that warp! Fingers crossed!