Wednesday, May 27, 2009

10 pictures within 10 meters

I've been a slacker on Digital Photography School assignments lately.

This week a blog post challenged us to take 10 pictures within 10 meters of where we are right now. I took these shots:

Bailey's always a willing subject! Today we were photographing some wildflowers in the woods. Bailey is attuned to the camera click, and kept trying to get into the picture. That's our version of clicker training!

Chair side knitting in a tote from Chile. (Inside the tote: my half-finished multi-directional diagonal scarf.)

Pottery from Colorado Springs

Looking out the back door

Lilacs, NH's State Flower

First Clematis

My one and only stained glass creation (so far)

Rhododendrons out the kitchen window

Orchid in Kitchen (a Valentine's gift that's still alive!)

Gaudi-inspired clock from a rainy day in Barcelona

Lots of pink and purple flowers in my periphery right now. The palette in my photos would have been much paler a few months ago.

When I started blogging, I had trouble getting pictures of indoor subjects in focus and true to color. I've come a long way.....even though a few of my potential subjects today came out blurry.

Taking lots of pictures for all these months has definitely taught me a few things!


Anonymous said...

I went outside to check our Clematis yesterday, but they're not blooming yet. Hopefully soon!!

Theresa said...

Great pics as always, we have a few blooming wild flowers and such, which I took pics of and need to get up on my blog. That's some clock! Beautiful piece of stained glass you made. Looks very handsome as does Bailey!

Leigh said...

What a great set of pictures! Very aesthetic. Looks as though your classes have been a good investment of your time.

Jennifer said...

You, a slacker? Please. I am still amazed at what all you get done. Noticed that everything within 10 feet is from the sunroom!!! Glad you are enjoying it. And once again you have inspired me to get on with the digital photgraphy school!

bspinner said...

Bailey's one good looking dog. Our clematis has just started blooming too. They have such pretty flowers. I love the color in the clock and your stain glass is beautiful. Great pictures!!

Life Looms Large said...

Thanks you guys!!! Good thing I shot those pictures before our 3 days of rain started. It's good for the lawn and garden.....but not so much for me!


Sharon said...

I've been wanting to take a digital photography class. Do they tell you how to manipulate the f-stops and film speeds? I can't get my SLR thinking into DLSR thinking. I'll check that link. It might be sometime to add to my "now that I've got time" list.