Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Details, Details

I should have known you'd want more details about the woven samples from Laurie Autio's class last week!!

Laurie graciously provided more information about each of the samples. I randomly grabbed 2 items that she'd woven from the giant stack of samples that she brought to class. I chose them because I liked them and I thought they'd look nice in blog photos.

Designed and Woven by Laurie Autio

The navy and white sample is a 32 shaft graded, plaited twill with canvas that Laurie designed and wove within the past year. The warp is 20/2 white linen (from a Weavers of Western MA guild exchange), the weft is navy 8/2 tencel, and the sett was 24 epi.

Laurie's draft for a similar fabric from the same warp is the background on the Weavers Guild of Boston website. You can also access the draft from that page.

It was designed as a sample for participation in one of the Complex Weavers study groups. The Complex Weavers galleries and study groups are always interesting!

Laurie wove this sample on her new 32 shaft LeClerc Weavebird, which is countermarche and computerized.

Designed by Angstadt
Woven by Laurie Autio

The 10 shaft Angstadt piece was woven as part of a study group run by Jeanetta Jones. Jeanetta was the master weaving teacher at Hill Institute in Florence, MA for over 40 years.

The piece was woven at least 10 years ago. Each person in the study group wove the same block profile in a different structure. They were assigned a structure but allowed to choose their own colors, and maybe yarn size and fiber.

The warp was 20/2 cotton and the weft was 20/2 cotton and 18/6 rayon, sett at 30 epi and woven on Laurie's 10 shaft Macomber. She was in her white-on-white stage, and not too good at weaving 2 of anything, let alone 20, without going bananas. (Her words, not mine!) She chose to go wild with color and weave each sample with different weft colors. It was a good learning exercise for color, working with a new structure, and seeing the same pattern interpreted in many structures.

Unfortunately Laurie loaned out a bag containing most of the samples from the group. If you have that bag of samples kicking around somewhere, and you're wondering who they really belong to, I'm totally sure that Laurie would be so happy to have them back!!

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charlotte said...

Amazing structures! It would be really fun to do something like that one time, but then I need more shafts first. Thank you for sharing!

Leigh said...

Oooo, these are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them. Very inspirational.

Theresa said...

Dang, if I put all the shafts together on all my looms I still fall short of that 32 shaft pattern! ;-)
Thank you for getting back to those two lovely samples. They are both so lovely. How is your loom going?

Lynnette said...

I have some serious shaft envy - what beautiful samples. I'm definately going to check out the Boston Weavers site, thanks so much!

Life Looms Large said...

Isn't there a famous saying "It's not how many shafts you have, it's how you use them?"

Or something!


Sharon said...

Spectacular - thanks for sharing them and the details. Now if I can just get my eight under control...