Thursday, May 21, 2009

Celebrating Bailey!

Today is our little puppy Bailey's sixth birthday!!!

It's a great day to bask on the patio, at least before it starts to heat up outside.

Bailey knows what to do with presents!

Success at last

This raccoon has 2 different-sounding squeakers - one in the body and one in the tail. Bailey will find this amusing for hours.....we might not!

It is super hot today (over 90° F), so we head to York, Maine hoping it will be cooler at the coast.

Not cooler in temperature

But how cool is this pedestrian bridge?

As soon as we enter the woods, Bailey is mesmerized by a very bold squirrel about 5 feet off the ground. The leash is shaking because he's so excited.

The forest trail leads out to a road, where we find Hancock Wharf. It was once owned by John Hancock, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Now it is part of the Museums of Old York.

Low tide

As we turn back toward the car, we pass this shelter in the forest.

Heading for home....

Happy Birthday Bailey!!! Thanks for six great years!


Chris Stusek said...

happy birthday Bailey!
Great pictures! What a glorious day.

Birgith said...

I love the way Bailey lies on the patio. It remembers me of one of my dogs, a Springer Spaniel, I had some years ago. Happy birthday to you Bailey.

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday Bailey and many many more!
Pretty cool little raccoon stuffy too. It looks like a very fun birthday time was had by all.

Jennifer said...

Yes - Happy Birthday Bailey! What a great day!

Theresa said...

LOL, I forgot to add, York Maine and not one roaming lobster??? ;-)

Life Looms Large said...

Thanks for the Bailey birthday wishes! I'm secretly glad that today is just a regular day, so we don't have to be trying to make it super fun for Bailey!

Birgith, I love that your dog used to lie that way too.....our first Brittany spaniel also did that.

Theresa, You are so right about York, Maine and lobsters. The heat must have poached my brain. We even parked at the commercial fishing dock. And we drove past several lobster restaurants. I could have certainly taken a picture. Argh!!! I thought about it in the morning, but by afternoon I'd forgotten.

I just checked back through my pictures to see if I had a picture of lobster buoys or a lobster trap....and no....even though there was a dock with them right near Hancock's Wharf. Lobster photo FAIL for me!

I guess you will just have to fly out here yourself to get your fill of lobster!!


Sharon said...

Thanks for taking us on your trip - I so enjoyed those photos. It's a whole different world. I was glad to see those pictures of Bailey in that sprawl. Our newly adopted lab lays comfortably like that and I've never seen another dog do that, until now. It's good to know that it's normal.

artemis said...

Such a lovely story & photos! Happy Birthday to Bailey...he looks so chilled out on your patio!!!