Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ruby Leslie's Workshops

Remember the Color Workshop with Ruby Leslie that I attended back in April?

Ruby will be teaching throughout the US this summer, and will be in Norway too! She also gave me info about the class she'll be teaching at Convergence in Albuquerque in July 2010. Lots of chances for us to learn!!

Advancing twill in tencel and cotton

US Schedule
  • Teaching and keynote address at ANWG (Association of NW Weavers Guilds) in Spokane, May 28-June 3
  • Midwest Weavers Conference, hosted by the Iowa Federation of Handweavers and Spinners at Grinnell College, June 22-27
  • Intermountain Weavers Conference in Durango, CO, July 31 - August 2
  • Nashoba Weavers Guild, Fruitlands Museum, Harvard, MA Sept 11-13 "The 3 D's of 3-D: Deflection, Differenatial Shrinkage and Doubleweave" This hands-on workshop will explore a variety of weave structures that produce texture and dimensionality. Each participant will pre-warp a loom with a warp chain provided by Ruby. Weaving will be done in class in a round robin format.

My complete sample book from the workshop - with samples, drafts and notes

Norway Trip July 2009
Ruby and her husband will be working in Norway for several weeks this summer.

Her husband, Ken,
will have a gallery exhibition and teach a workshop on artist books in Kjøllefjord, Norway.

Ruby will have a trunk show and possibly teach a workshop there in July (sometime between July 5-22).

She's still finalizing details for the trip. The best thing to do would be visit her website for her email address, and email her for specifics. I know several weavers from Scandinavia read my blog so I wanted to include info about this trip. It would be really cool if you were able to see her work!

Bumberet samples
Convergence 2010

Ruby will offer a design workshop that does not require looms! It will include color, structure, methods and technique, and how to implement these design elements in the weaving studio to create cloth with the WOW factor.

Ruby is also one of 6 designers (paired in 3 teams) invited to participate in HGA's 2nd Design Fashion Challenge. Their challenge is to create an ensemble for the Fashion show at Convergence in Albuquerque using yarns that are dyed specifically for that event.

False damask and twill blocks in cotton and tencel

I'd love to hear about any Convergence plans you are making! I've never been - it's in the back of my mind as a possibility for next summer though! It would be fun to meet other bloggers there!

For all of you who commented that you'd like to take a workshop from Ruby are your chances!!! Enjoy!!!


desiree said...

Thanks for the tip. Actually i checked it up. And... well there would be easier to go to Tunisia (in Africa). There are mostly wilderness and very tiny roads up there! Sorry.

bspinner said...

What wonderful samples. We must have had a great time.

I was at a Convergence in Chicago and loved it!! Well, all except for the food poison about half of us got.

Sharon said...

No workshops slated for moi - will have to glean second hand from you.

Theresa said...

Go for it, you'll have a blast in NM.

Lynnette said...

I'll be at ANWG in a couple of weeks, so wish I'd seen these great samples a while ago. I didn't sign up for her seminar, but who knows maybe Alburqueue may be calling.
Thanks so much for taking time to photo your samples so well, I truly appreciate it!

Life Looms Large said...

I think Ruby's destination is north of the Arctic Circle on I guess I shouldn't be surprised there aren't many roads to get there! Sorry it doesn't work out for you!

Food poisoning at Convergence.....what a bummer!! (OK, it's a bummer whenever it happens!)

Lynnette - have a great time at your conference!!