Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Keeping Track

Remember last week when I wrote about different tricks weavers use to keep track of where they are?

One of my weaving friends was kind enough to send these pictures of her method, which I'm using with her kind permission.

This technique looks really fun because you get to use beads! Plus, it works well for looms with an overhead beater.

In addition to showing the treadles, the direction the shuttle should be going (R ->L) and which block is being woven are included. This is the draft for a 2 block twill with a 178 pick pattern repeat.

If the sequence calls for 1-4 repeated 6 times, after each time, you can slide 1 bead over, and when 6 beads have moved it's time for the next block.

Here is a simpler treadling sequence attached with clothespins to a dowel suspended from the top of the beater bar on a Glimakra. The large clothespins hold the sequence in place, and the smaller clothespin can be attached to the sequence if the phone rings or anything else interrupts your weaving.

The dowel is suspended from the beater bar with Texsolv and arrow pegs behind the vertical parts of the beater, so when the beater swings, the dowel stays in place rather than swinging back and forth.

Closeup of the Texsolv and arrow peg holding the dowel in place

Closeup of the Texsolv attached to the beater bar

I really like how this method includes the direction of the the beads!! Seems so much nicer than my current method - which involves scrawling notes to myself on scraps of paper that sit next to my loom.

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Theresa said...

Oh good idea with the texsolv and beads! I made a sling like thing for the overhead beater. I pin my draft to it and it also provides a place to put the shuttle or temple etc. while I'm working.
How is the sunroom looking? Have you found window treatments yet?

Life Looms Large said...

The sunroom.....I'm sitting in it right now, and can sum up the situation by saying I'm deeply uncertain. I'm working on a post about it.....even though Jim and I have promised ourselves to give it a whole week before we decide anything. Stay tuned!

Our window treatment approach is kind of funny.....I'll post about that too!

Good luck with any pre-trip lunacy!!


Deanna said...

I've used a cribbage board to track where I am in a treadling. The holes on mine are numbered every 5th hole, and there are three parallel tracks of holes - red, white and blue. You can use one track for going in one direction, and another track when you reverse.

Susan said...

What a great system! Thanks to you and your friend for sharing.

Phones and interruptions when weaving: personally I won't answer a phone when in the middle of a complicated treadling. That's what voice mail is for. I will go and check as soon as I'm able, but the frustration that comes with losing your focus in a run is awful. (granted I do some complicated treadings!) I also have a closed door policy for when hub is home and I can't take a moment away when he comes in and starts chatting. The door stays opens during uncomplicated activities. If you were to leave home and physically go to a job, then you would not be there to answer the phone anyhow is the way I see it....

I have to say that I have admired your sun room and thought how lovely it looks in the white. It has such a fresh quality.


Dave Daniels said...

Oh, how funny is that??? I really should show you mine. I used an Excell spread sheet hung on a magnetic bar. Is this considered EXTREME WEAVING?

bspinner said...

More wonderful ideas. Necessity is sure is the mother of invention. Thanks for sharing the pictures and information.

Lynnette said...

Just goes to show how extremely inventive some weavers are! I love reading about the way others problem solve - always food for thought!

Life Looms Large said...

Even more ideas!! I love it!!!

Cribbage boards, excel spreadsheets - you guys are so inventive!!!

I am of the "do not interrupt me when I'm in my studio" school of thought. That's why it's in a separate space and why there's a door!! Plus, everyone knows to email me, not call me. I'm not a phone person at all (well, not since I was a teenager!)

The sunroom paint situation is evolving.....or perhaps devolving! Pictures will be up soon!

Weave on!

Theresa said...

Oh gosh you gals are lucky! I always plan on interruptions although I rarely answer the phone even when I can.
Sue, how is the sunroom contemplation going?