Friday, May 29, 2009

Currier Museum of Art

Today we visited the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, NH.

It was our first visit since the Currier re-opened last spring after building a large addition to the building.

I love this bench outside. It's part of a special exhibition featuring Gary Haven Smith and Gerald Auten on display until mid-September.

The rear door of the Currier Museum was surrounded by a mosaic before the new gallery space was added. Now, with the addition, the mosaic is prominently featured in the Winter Garden Cafe in the middle of the museum.

I love mosaics, so I rushed in to see it.

Across the Winter Garden Cafe, a large painting and the new gallery space await.

We spent a few enjoyable hours wandering through the museum.

It's always great to see tapestry.

If you click to enlarge this picture, you can get details about the tapestry.

The collection of furniture includes this corner cabinet full of pewter.

The atrium of the old museum building is still beautiful - with its mosaic floor.

The medallion in the floor appears to be the zodiac.

Heading out, I did a tiny bit of shopping in the gift shop.

Another special exhibit, the work of David Macaulay is closing on June 14, 2009. He has written and illustrated a number of interesting books, including this book Mill about textile mills in New England. I loved it and purchased a copy of my own.

Any book that explains physics, history and even a bit about weaving to kids, belongs in my collection!


Theresa said...

Ohhhhh, love the Wave Bench! Sounds and looks like a very fun day. You two must take a day a week and do museums and such. Thank you for the Lowell information. I'll tuck it away and on a bad weather day try to get everyone up there.

charlotte said...

Thank you for the virtual museum trip!

Anonymous said...

My grandmother's family worked in the mills in Lowell, and then at American Thread in Willimantic, CT. I even have some old spools of thread from 60+ years ago that were made when she was there. That looks like a great book that you found - I think I'm going to get a copy to share with my son!

bspinner said...

Thanks for the museum tour. I always enjoy reading about and seeing pictures of your outings. Thanks for taking the time to share. My favorite is the bench or is it the colorful painting. Can't decide like everything.

desiweaver said...

Thanks for sharing! I hope I can check out some of your favorite destinations during my trip to New England this summer!

Life Looms Large said...

Jim and I do try to get out and see museums or learn about history pretty often - and it's fun to blog about because then it helps me remember more about it all!

Penny - that's cool that your family worked in the mills. Mine did too....along with a lot of New England during that time I suspect!

B - glad that the colorful painting is inspiring to you as you do some color explorations of your own!!

Thanks, as always, for your comments!!!


Jennifer said...

Another great trip! Thanks for the tapestry info - AND the pewter pieces. My husband is a pewtersmith and it's always great to see it - esp. up in your area!