Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back to School

Tonight, Bailey went to "Barking" class at the NHSPCA. (The idea is to teach him not to bark so much.....not to bark more!!)

Really, we're the ones who need to be trained, so we went with him!

I took the obligatory "first day of school" picture outside the learning center.

Bailey looks about as excited as I did in similar pictures growing up!

In class, Bailey was keenly interested in what he could do to get cheese and treats out of my pockets.

We were keenly interested in how we might get Bailey to stop barking when he's bored or wants attention.

Bailey loves school. I really should do agility or teach him tricks or do something else that would use his brain.

He's very smart and is on his best behavior when he has to figure things out.


Theresa said...

How fun! Let me know if there is a secret as I have 5 industrious barkers and it only takes one for everyone to jump on the barking bandwagon!

Bailey is a beautiful dog though and I bet would do great at agility! Love the frog position photo.

Delighted Hands said...

Hope he is a good student! Love those Brittanys!

Jennifer said...

Great Pictures! I agree he likely would be good at agility training - how are your knees? That's one thing we've noticed is all the trainers seem to have knee braces! Maybe Bailey needs a companion....

bspinner said...

Bailey seems to be relaxed about the whole thing. How's he doing?

He sure is one beautiful dog.

Life Looms Large said...

Bailey's doing pretty well so far today. He's only had 2 small barking episodes. He definitely barks for attention.

Our strategy so far is to keep him mentally occupied.....which has involved Kong toys with kibble and pb stuffed inside and then frozen. Plus we're trying to teach him some tricks.

Fortunately, I do have good hopefully agility wouldn't ruin them!!

I've seriously thought about a second dog, and have even filled out an application on American Brittany Rescue....but we'll see what happens. I'm not totally positive that I want a second dog at this point.

I love that frog picture of Bailey too! He was so cute listening to a lecture in a room with other dogs. He loves training. If only I loved training him!!

Hoping for a bark-free evening,

Theresa said...

While I certainly won't tell you two dogs will be quieter than one, they will be happier. A long time ago when I considered getting a second dog a wise person said to me that what all dogs truly want is other dogs. I've found it to be true, even with bossy terriers. And I'm off the hook entertaining them!
Of course, I may have carried it all to the extreme....

Life Looms Large said...

I'm mulling over the second dog idea. We've always had 2 dogs before....but we'll see. I'm seriously thinking of taking in a foster dog after a couple of our upcoming trips. That would let us test the waters without making a huge commitment.

I never could convince Jim of a reason to get more than 2 dogs....I don't know how you managed to get 5 into the house!!!