Friday, July 24, 2009

Toika Eeva

When I visited WEBS, I took lots of pictures of two Toika looms. With their permission, I'm posting about the Toika Eeva today.

When I was setting up my Toika Liisa, I really wanted more detailed pictures of Toika looms.

The lack of pictures online inspired me to start my blog for other Toika fans.

I'm so glad I started blogging! I didn't realize what a sense of community or source of inspiration it would become for me.

Here's Eeva....

Toika Eeva


Brake at rear of loom

Brake on back beam from inside loom

Brake on cloth beam



Treadle bar

Wooden Treadle Spacers

Toika Catalog

The catalog is very similar to the online information about Toika products. It has one or two paragraphs about each product (whether the product is a loom or a temple.)

Toika mallet

Toika Bench

The holes on the foot rest of the loom are for a different style of bench with legs that fit into those holes for stability and proper bench position. (My Toika Liisa has that style of bench.)

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Theresa said...

Nice looking loom! Are the holes in the foot rest there for the bench to fit into? Does your Toika have the worm gear? Looks like a pretty serious brake and advance system.

bspinner said...

Nice pictures! Looks like a great loom.

Hilary said...

I have a 7 ft wide Toika, 8 harness, low slung beater, that was made in the 70's.......not sure they make them anymore.
I had never seen anything like this one before, and I was quite intimidated, but we have slowly become buddies.
Now doesn't that sound like a nutty weaver.

Delighted Hands said...

Amazing looking loom, you will do some serious weaving on this beauty. Where are you setting it up?

sheilabythebeach said...

What a beautiful piece of equipment. I just love the look of almost every loom I have seen. When I got my 2nd hand old Sabina I was happy having her as a work of art...other people in the household saw it differently! All for the best.

Dorothy said...

Love the photos! very clear and helpful.

Must take some more of my Norjanna sometime. Like you say, there's just not enough about these looms on the 'net, and the brochure pictures are a bit small and not enough of each loom.

Life Looms Large said...

Theresa, You're exactly right....the holes in the foot rest are for a different style of bench. My Toika has a ratchet and pawl brake. I wanted those worm gear pictures in case I ever want to look into changing the braking system.

I'm always psyched to hear about other Toika owners Hilary.....I think we all have relationships with our looms. So perhaps we're all equally nutty?

I think I should have been clearer in my post....I resisted the urge to purchase this loom!

I just wanted to put up pictures of it so that there would be more Toika information available online. I think it would be great for other Toika owners to do the same thing! I'm already getting website visits from people searching for "Toika loom".

Thanks to your comments, I'm updating the post a little bit so that it's clearer when people read it!


synne said...

Hello again.
I dont know a bit of that thing.
But i think I know what you can do with it. Lots of nice things.

You made me glad when you sad that your husband likes my blogg.
That makes it fun to wright and show photos.

Right know the sun is shining, but the dark clouds are hanging low.
Il think it will be more thunder to night.
For a week ago it was so hard that it took my whasingmaskin!
That was sceary.
Il hope you have better weather than that.

And ones again Il apologise for my bad english.
Hope you understand me anyhowe.

Hugs from the land of rain.

teacosy said...

I have a Toika which we bought second hand in Holland. It has a 1,50m weving width and 12 shafts. I am starting an apprentice ship on weaving this year and I am looking forward in using it.

Bye the way nice blog you`ve got there

TalS said...

Thanks so much for your pictures, you helped me figure out some parts not explained in the instructions. My loom has been in pieces for years, and now I have tried to reassemble it and you helped tremendously! Indeed a dire dearth of Toika info on the web. I have a question I wonder if you could help with - I am left with two 3 3/4" long screws topped with an 1 3/8" long x 1 1/2" diameter piece of gray rubber attached that has 6 holes on its bottom. Does anyone know where they belong?
Many thanks in advance,
Tal in Pittsfield MA

Life Looms Large said...


I don't have any way to reach you besides this comment, but I don't know the answer to your Toika question. My suggestion is to either contact your local Toika dealer - which in New England would be WEBS. They might know the answer.

If that doesn't work and you still need advice, let me know and I can do a blog post about it. It would be especially helpful to have a picture.

Good luck!!!


Theo said...

Thanks so much for your clear picture of an EEVA bench (even though that's not the one you use). I just bought one, having used one several months ago in a class and really liked it, and it arrived in pieces with no instructions or picture. Your photo saved me a lot of trial and error, and I really appreciate it! Theo


Love your looms, which is better the Eeva or Liisa? I do want a Countermarche I think for rugs etc. What size are your Toika looms?