Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where There's Smoke There's Fire!

Saturday, we stopped by the American Independence Festival in Exeter, NH, USA.

Hosted by the American Independence Museum, it probably commemorates something about the revolutionary war in the 1770's.

We were mostly attracted by the ads in the paper that said "The Battle is Back".

We saw lots of smoke. (These guns make amazing smoke rings.)

Sometimes you could see streaks of fire coming out of the guns.

Some day I want to tell you the story of the powder house that appears across the river from the battle. (It was once used to store gun powder).

In addition to the battle, there was parading around to fife and drum music.

An encampment of 4 different groups of re-enactors was set up for the day.

Carding and Spinning

I'll bet a lot of effort goes into the costumes.

This fancy tent must have been for some one important. There were painted floor cloths on the ground.

The bed looked pretty comfortable.

We were double-booked Saturday, so we didn't have a chance to explore the artisan's village (where I heard there were weavers).

Next year we will return allowing enough time to explore and understand what the festival is celebrating.

I love the cupola on the Exeter Town Hall, peacefully watching what goes on in town!

Thanks Jim for the great pictures!


Sharon said...

CSA is amazing. I like it much better as American history. The West Coast is kinda lost and into jousts and stuff like that. What a great day!

Delighted Hands said...

I love re-enactments like this! So glad you got to enjoy it.

Theresa said...

I do love history, and your pictures are amazing. I am always afraid those old muskets are going to blow up in someone's face. What a busy and fun summer you guys are having!

Loved the live lobster yarn! Thank you for the link.
BTW, seriously, was that blue dancing lobster something for sale somewhere?

Leigh said...

What fun. I love going to re-enactments. I remember so much more that way.

charlotte said...

This looks like so much fun! I like especially the streak of fire that you managed to catch!

Benita said...

And look at all the fun they were having!

Life Looms Large said...

There was definitely lots of smoke and sparks flying during the battle. Plus it was super hot by NH standards - over 85.

Theresa, the blue dancing lobster in my earlier post was not for sale unfortunately. It was sitting on the dock where we boarded the steamship for our trip to Star Island. So you can visit it in Portsmouth any time during the summer, but it wasn't for sale.


synne said...

Goodmorning Sue.
Il hope you understund what Im writing on my blogg. I have a google translatior if you scroll down to the bottom of it. The blogg I mean.

Il hope you liked the trip :D
I miss that place so much. My mum is from that town. So I have my family there.
But we hade to move down to where we live now, just to get work. Its sad. But we are talking of mowing back again.

Shopping is a verry important thing to do...
We were over the border yesterday. We lives only 45 minutes from Sweden you see...
This month we have been in Sweden five times already....

The pictures you showe today reminds me of our fort in Kongsvinger. Once a year there is Festsningspillene. Its almost the same as that you showed in your pictures.
The Kongsvinger festning is buildt in the end of 1600.
To protect Norway against Sweden.
They fight a lot in that time...
Im glad thats not the case today.

I whis you a verry nice friday, and weekend. The summers isnt over yet, but i feels that way because of the rain...

Hugs Synne.