Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Computerized Toika Eeva

During my recent trip to WEBS, I was able to photograph and briefly try a computerized Toika Eeva loom.

Just to be super clear, I did not buy a new loom at all this year!! So it was a test drive, but not a purchase!

I'm sharing photos because I want more info about Toika looms online....so I'm doing my tiny part to help make that happen.

Computerized Toika Eeva at WEBS
Note the box that replaces the jacks at the top of the loom, the shafts, and the pedal

When you purchase the computer option for the Eeva, you are purchasing the computerized box on top of the loom, new mechanisms for raising and lowering the shafts, new shafts, the pedal that replaces the treadles, and computer software (Weavepoint). Computerizing other models of Toika looms is done in a similar way.

If you purchase the setup from WEBS, the purchase includes setting it up in your house. (Not sure what the geographical restriction is on that....but the idea of my house 2.5 hours away from their shop didn't phase them a bit.)

From my research online, I've learned that Fiberworks PCW also has Toika drivers, so it can work with a computerized Toika. Also, Woolgatherers Weaving has also successfully fitted this equipment on a loom from another maker.

Switches on the front of the box

The switches on the front of the box control the weaving speed, and allow you to reverse direction if you need to un-weave.

View of the box from the right side of the loom

Where there would ordinarily be jacks, the Texsolv from the box is threaded through pulleys.

View of the pulleys to the right of the box from the center of the loom

Whatever is inside the box raises and lowers shafts by moving the Texsolv that goes through these pulleys.

View from the right of the loom

Note that the two bars that make up each shaft are fastened together with metal, instead of being attached with Texsolv.

Closer view of the ends of the shafts

Texsolv attached to the shafts

Warp beam, back brake, cables attaching to the computer

I'm guessing that one of these cables attaches to the computer and one is probably a power cable.

Front brake, natural linen apron cloth

Pedal that replaces all of the treadles

I didn't have time for an extensive test drive of this loom, but I can say that it was very quiet. It sounded just like a non-computerized loom - no sounds of motors or compressors or anything else. I seem to recall pressing the pedal to open the shed, and releasing the pedal to close the shed - so it felt very natural.

I'm posting these pictures with permission of WEBS, and if you have questions, I can try to get answers to improve this post!! (I will email WEBS once you stump me.....which won't take long!)

Meanwhile, I can dream of replacing the treadles and tie-up of my Toika with this spiffy setup! (Of course, it would be an expensive upgrade....so I'd have to do a lot more research!)

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Delighted Hands said...

Thanks for the info on computerized weaving-it is so good to 'see' what is involved!

Theresa said...

Woohoo, pretty fancy! Are you looking into other omputerized looms or just upgrading your Toika?

Sharon said...

Scratching head - that seems like such a distant cousin to my looms. It has come to my attention recently that I can replace my metal heddles with Texolv and that's the highest technology for me to date. I might be jealous of what you just posted if I understood it.

charlotte said...

Thank you for showing this, I ordered information brochures from Toika some months ago, but your post is much more informative and detailed! Sooner or later I have to buy a new loom, eight shafts and treadles are not always enough to weave what I would like to.

Susan said...

Looks very well thought out! Some day I'm thinking of adding a dobby to my big gal...

The owners of PCW Fiberworks live on an island just off shore from where I live. Nice folks and great to deal with. I'm taking a demo class on the programs this coming October.

Margreet said...

Thanks for your info, very clear!
I've enquired about upgrading my Glimakra to a dobby loom with the Toika unit and this seems possible. I'm hoping to find others who has done this to find out if they are happy with the new set-up.

jennifer friedman said...

Were you able to find out anymore information on the computerized Toika? did you finally get one? I am trying to computerize mine without the expense from WEBS