Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shadow Weave

Now we don't have to wonder what project I'll do next!

One of our guild members wasn't able to attend NEWS at the last minute for health reasons. I want to send her a card.

She does a lot of incredible work with shadow weave, so I decided to try my very first bit of shadow weave.

Using some tricks I learned in my computer design class, and some paper weaving supplies from class on Sunday, I got set to weave a small portion of a shadow weave design in paper.

Using the article "Six Unique Towels in Shadow Weave" by Vicki Tardy in Handwoven Nov/Dec 2007 pg. 44-48, I chose a tiny bit of the draft for towel 3.

I glued the tops of the warp paper to the backing, and wove my very first shadow weave!

Oddly enough, in person I couldn't see the diamond pattern unless I was standing across the room from the piece. Up close it just looks like woven paper - the diamond doesn't show up.

It's kind of big for a card....but I'm still going to pack it up and hope it doesn't get too bent out of shape in mailing!!


Delighted Hands said...

How beautiful it looks......when you care enough to send the best, send handmade!

charlotte said...

This looks very exciting, and I guess you learned very much. I like the card as well, it's a very good idea. I don't have any clue what shadow weave is though, but I guess the English weaving book I'm waiting for will help.

Dorothy said...

I'm intrigued by the idea of weaving paper, what a good idea for a special card.

I enjoyed all your NEWS posts, what a super event.

Life Looms Large said...

Weaving paper is really fun. I you haven't tried it, I recommend it!

You can cut up scrapbook paper, or calendars, or magazine pages, or book jackets. We used 5/8 inch strips (which I'm sorry I don't know in metric!)

For a card I should have cut tiny strips so it could have been greeting card sized.

I hope to look up shadow weave and provide a draft or web resource so it's more understandable....I just haven't gotten to it today.


Sharon said...

Interesting how it looks in paper. I think it looks like a hot piece of work and it's cool that you are sending it to your friend. Nice gesture.

Theresa said...

She'll be thrilled with that beautiful piece of paper weaving! What a sweet thing to do too. I know if someone sent me something like that it would get a lovely frame and pride of place in the house. Such a nifty technique! Love it.

Jennifer said...

Excellent idea! She will love it and appreciate what you have done. I can see that I'll be weaving paper in the future. That's just too cool!

There are some fairly rigid envelopes that could protect it. Albeit not very pretty envelopes....

Nancy JC said...

Hi Sue! Thank you for leaving a comment at "Dear Alice". How do you get so many comments on all your posts??? My friends and I absolutely loved coming to NEWS and plan to be back in two years!

Your card looks like fun and what a wonderful idea to share with your friend.

My 'haul' from NEWS was a smaller scale version of yours. I have dyes, yarn, and I have had a McMoran yarn balance for years. Handy little gadget!

Weave on! Nancy