Monday, July 13, 2009

NEWS Day 4 (Last Day)

Sunday, the very full weekend of NEWS came to a close.

Time to say bye to my dorm

and my dorm room. (Won't miss them too much!!)

My morning class in fabric analysis with Jan Doyle was short and to the point.

I still need to practice more at home, but Jan provided samples and practice exercises and a clear method for figuring out how a fabric was woven.

That fits together really well with the block design class I took on Saturday.

I definitely need to let it sink in so I understand it better....but important foundations for that knowledge are finally in my brain! I'm so happy about that!

I closed out the weekend with a paper weaving class with Jan Doyle just for fun.

The room was full of lots of beautiful paper, and the class notes included several options for projects.

Many people went for broke and tried a triaxial weaving (the so-called mad weave). I had a major mad weave FAIL at a workshop in NH a few years I figured I should stick with weaving in a grid this time! I wanted the class to be fun.

I wove a weaving draft. I was so tired that I didn't notice the really obvious mistakes in the left portion of my project until I took a photo of it this morning.

I will fix it and possibly frame it. Jan had framed pieces that looked great!

I also wove this heart, and this fish variation on the heart. I forgot to glue the fish together before I cut it so the edges are a little wiggly because it wants to fall apart. Luckily, a glue stick can repair many things!

We headed toward home in our very full car. As we were loading the car I realized I bought more yarn than I thought.

On the way home we made an ice cream stop at Kimball Farm. Yum! Kimball Farm will become part of my NEWS tradition for sure!!

NEWS is a whirlwind of learning, exhibits, new and old weaving friends, and inspiration. I'd recommend it to any weaver....even if you're not from New England. It's scheduled at a great time to be in New you could tack on a little vacation.

Some day I'd like to attend Convergence and even try some other regional weaving conference.

Right now, I'm just happy to be home!!


Theresa said...

And I'll bet everyone is happy to have you home too!

What a wonderful conference. I view it as smaller and more intimate than Convergence and truly in a beautiful area for summer vacationing, even in bad weather.
Isn't it funny how yarn pops into bags, suitcases and cars?
The paper weaving looks like a ton of fun and I love everything you've done.

Delighted Hands said...

An excellent time all around, wasn't it. You have given me a goal to plan for in the future! Love what you shared with us!

Alice said...

I really enjoyed reading about your NEWS experience! It sounded like summer camp! Thanks for sharing your experience and the pictures were great.

Deanna said...

What great reports of your conference experiences. Love the photos, and the woven paper using marbled vs solid is really beautiful!

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you got to go, had such a great experience, and are now at home where you can process the info! I'm sure you are so full right now, but I'm looking forward to what comes of all this. If you are like me you brain is buzzing with all sorts of ideas. Which one is first??? Oh wait you have the lobster and the beach to help give you time!

Trish said...

I enjoyed reading your NEWS stories. It sounds like you had a great time.

I took your advice and stopped in at the vendor room and also looked at the works in the small gallery in the student center. Wow!

I came home with a coat's worth of yarn and can't wait to finish my current project and start sampling.

Perhaps I'll see you there next year!

Sharon said...

Aren't we lucky at all to have the opportunity for conferences like this?

Life Looms Large said...

We are lucky to have weaving conference and weaving friends and weaving bloggers!!!

I still want to process my NEWS experience, but Jennifer's right...I've got a lobster knitting deadline - and my beachy scarf to get set on the loom. Plus, at NEWS a weaver I just met showed me how to make small cardboard tapestry I want to have those set for my nieces too!

Trish, I'm so glad I met you at WEBS! Can't wait to see what happens with your coat project. And it would be great to see you at NEWS 2011. (It's an every other year thing!)

Weave on!