Monday, July 20, 2009

Lobsters, Lobsters Everywhere

In our travels lately, we've seen:

Lobster Boats

A Live Lobster and a Sand Dollar

This very large lobster shell

Even a dancing blue lobster!!

Is it any wonder that I've been inspired to knit this stuffed lobster???

What I really want to know......

Will I finish knitting a second lobster by the time we leave for our beach vacation in August????

Wish me luck!!! I'm going to need it!!


Theresa said...

Okay, I want me a dancing blue lobster!!! My life will not be complete without one.
You knitted lobster is cute and funny and wonderful and I want one of those too. Guess I best get myself some bright red yarn, or maybe mottled blue green brown stuff? Great post. Sadly, no lobster on your plate!!!!

Anonymous said...

That knitted lobster truly is wonderful. Absolutely adorable. Makes me wish I knew how to knit!!

synne said...

Hello and goodmorning to you.
Its another beautiful day coming upp here in Norway. And of course its raining :D
But its ok for me. I love to lissen to the rain on the roof and to the windows.
As long as we dont have thunderstorms Il bee happy.
The last one we hade took my washingmaskin.....

I have just spent my time looking at your beautiful pictures.
Some of them seems verry familiar.
I lived on the westcoast of Norway for a few years ago, in a place called Ålesund.
So your pictures took me back there.

Not to forget the red lobster...
Its cute. I cant knitt, but i want to learn.

Thank you foor visiting me, and Il hope you wil come back.
Hope you understand my english too...
Hugs from Norway.

charlotte said...

Your knitted lobster is so cute, I love it!
Do the live lobser pinch you in the fingers or toes if you get to near, or do they just try to hide? Their claws look very big...

Delighted Hands said...

It is so cute! The second one will go faster; and as long as you are on a roll, did you see the knitted crab on!!!

sheilabythebeach said...

A lobster theme! Yum and more yum!

Life Looms Large said...

There is a yarn company that makes a yarn in a color called "Live Lobster". Maybe if I knit a third lobster.....

Lobsters will definitely pinch you and it will hurt a lot. When we buy lobsters, there are strong rubber bands around the claws so that they can't pinch. If the lobsters are in the ocean, they would be in rocky areas and would try to hide from you rather than pinching you. (Good thing or we'd never swim in our cold ocean!)

If you want to learn to knit, I definitely encourage you to try. It's not that complicated....and I lean on my knitting books still. There are a lot of knitting groups around at local libraries and such. Some of them will teach beginners.

Synne, Your English is great! Much better than my Norwegian!! It's interesting to me that our area of New England looks similar to parts of Norway. That must be part of the reason that Norwegian fishermen settled here in the 1600's.

A knitted crab?? I might have to make one. I have the perfect yarn for a green sea urchin too. And I'd love to knit a starfish. But lobster #2 comes first!! The head is progressing pretty well so far!